Air Quality, Covid-19 and 20mph limits

Air Quality, Covid-19 and How 20mph Limits Help Us To Breathe Easily As a disease that dramatically affects our respiratory system it is hardly surprising that there is a link between the quality of air we breathe,  and our subsequent ability to cope with Covid-19. Here we discuss air quality and how it can be improved with an emergency national default 20mph urban limit. Continue reading

Call for a 20mph Default Speed Limit for London

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen unprecedented changes to London streets and roads with a huge reduction in the number of journeys that people make as Londoners stick to the instruction to stay at home. While the largest falls have come in the use of public transport (tube use is down by 95% and bus use by more than 90% to 13th April), falls of more than 75% have been recorded in traffic volumes and the emptier and quieter streets (and even birdsong!) are instantly recognisable to anyone living in the capital at the moment.   Continue reading

Travel Patterns after Lockdown Ends

Land Travel Pattern Changes After Lockdown   Continue reading