Stickers and Banners

We have a stickers, banners and other resources available for campaigners.


A great way to make your campaign noticed in your neighbourhood, we have them for wheelie bins, cars, windows and bicycles. Prices are already price low and we can discount further for quantities of 10 or more. 

Wheelie Bin stickers are 350mm x 250mm and are really effective in showing community commitment to lower speeds. Price is £1.00 each plus p&p. Purchase Wheelie Bin Stickers.


Window and bumper stickers are 200mm x 70mm and are priced at 50p each plus p&p. Bike stickers 100mm x 35mm and cost 30p each. Purchase window stickers, bumper stickers or bike stickers.



These look great when attached to fences outside schools. They measure 2000mm x 600mm and cost £35 each plus £10 p&p. Purchase banners.


20's Plenty or Love 30 (in km/h) campaign groups may also use our graphics and logos as below :-

 20mph_coloured.jpg  30kmh_coloured.jpg

On most browsers you can right-click on the image to copy it.

Email us if you would like hi-res versions of these.


Postage and packing prices are for UK destinations. We can ship to other countries, but this may incur an additional postage cost - please email us for costs.

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  • Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle
    commented 2021-07-22 15:58:09 +0100
    Rod, is it possible, please, to have bin sized stickers with a particular wording e.g. ‘Langton Matravers residents want’ – then the 20 mph logo – followed by ‘now’ ? I would want 50 copies. What would they cost and how can I order them? Thanks. Ian VA
  • Rod King
    commented 2021-06-27 10:34:24 +0100
    We now have banners available that say :-
    “Help our children walk and cycle to school”
    “Please give us 20mph (heart) speed limits”.
  • Terry McCarthy
    commented 2021-02-16 13:35:57 +0000
    Hello Rod. Any chance of a banner which says “We would like [Heart/20mph] speed limits please” to be more impactful where we will campaign for changes to be made? Thanks. Terry.
  • Miranda Pickersgill
    commented 2020-10-22 19:01:40 +0100
    Thank you Rod. We really like the stickers with the broken heart and will use your experience in trying to persuade our council to let us use them too. The removal of our “20 is plenty” stickers by our council, without warning or permission has caused anger and frustration among residents. Residents bought their own stickers and rightly object to these being removed and destroyed by the council. We are now looking for an alternative sticker which our council can agree to. Your organisation has a few we are interested in! Thanks again, Miranda (from the Greener Church Road Group, Winscombe, Somerset).
  • Rod King
    commented 2020-10-21 20:09:40 +0100
    Hi Miranda

    Yes. The heart shape is clearly not a road sign. It uses a different shape in being a heart instead of a circle, it is a “broken heart” in that it is not continuous" and includes the word “mph”. It also has a clear campaigning message. It does not “direct” drivers to drive at 20mph. Hence it cannot be confused with or interpreted as a road sign.

    The signs have been bought and used by campaigners and parish councils in their thousands for use in areas that are campaigning for the Traffic Authority to set a local 20mph speed limit in place of the national 30mph limit.

    The signs are usually used on private land or on Wheelie Bins.
  • Miranda Pickersgill
    commented 2020-10-21 17:39:29 +0100
    Can one display the “20 is Plenty .. Where people are” sticker, with the ‘20’ set inside a heart, in areas which currently have a 30 mph limit but residents are campaigning for a 20 mph limit? We have recently displayed the version where the ‘20’ is set within a red circle and the text is “20 is plenty … Please drive carefully” but these have been removed by the council as illegal. We currently have a 30 mph limit but are campaigning for a 20 mph limit. Thank you.