Our Team

Besides the hundreds of local campaign leaders around the country we have 3 people who provide services to our campaigners and to people such as Councillors, council officers, MPs, Transport Professionals , the media and the general public. They are :-

Rod King MBE

Founder & Campaign Director

07973 639781

[email protected]


 RodKing_at_Conference_Gdansk.jpg 20's Plenty for Us
The Rosebank Centre
Pepper Street
WA13 0JG

Anna Semlyen

Campaign Manager

07572 120439

[email protected]


 Anna.jpg 20's Plenty for Us
24 Grange Street
YO10 4BH

Jeremy Leach

London Campaign Co-ordinator

07415 243015

[email protected]

 Jeremy1.jpg 20's Plenty for Us
28 Sutherland Square
SE17 3EQ

Adrian Berendt

Southeast Campaign Co-ordinator

07767 664999

[email protected] 


20's Plenty for Us
59 Queen's Road
Tunbridge Wells

Please contact us. You will find that we are very friendly and willing to help in any way we can. 

You can follow us on Twitter @20splentyforus

..and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/20splenty

..or our email at [email protected] 

..for international inquires from outside the UK please use the following email addresses to contact us :-

.. [email protected] from countries using km/h or

.. [email protected] from countries using mph

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