Open letter supporting 20mph

Multiple organisations sign open letter in support of safer streets in Wales.  The initiative is supported by many Welsh and UK-wide organisations who see real benefits for their members. And whilst some supporting organisations are not be able to make their support public due to internal policies, we are pleased that a range of organisations and NGOs are keen to make their support tangible by being part of our open letter to the press and media.   Continue reading

Critique of the anti-20mph Senedd petition

A petition to the Senedd was made and has attracted 21,920 signatures. The Senedd petitions committee has agreed that the petition should be debated by Senedd and this is to be done on 28th June 2023. We explore how the setting of the national 20mph limit for Wales has followed all required legislative procedures and included extensive involvement of politicians, local authorities, stakeholders, NGOs, government agencies and the public. It has also had 5 years of detailed investigation of its benefits and is in line with UK and International best practice.  Members of Senedd should be congratulated in approving this important legislation which will bring wide benefits to the country. We believe that Members of Senedd should reject this petition when it is debated on 28th June 2023, and here we explain why. Continue reading

Millions of people will benefit from the Welsh 20mph limit from Sept 2023

The debate on the default 20mph limit coming to residential areas in Wales often focusses on what it means for drivers.  Yet, for residential areas it makes little difference to journey times. The real impact of 20mph limits will be felt by the millions of people who use our streets whilst not in motors. Those using their legs. Continue reading

New data from Welsh 20mph first phase communities confirms benefits to come from national implementation

Slower driving speeds, increased levels of walking and cycling and minimal impact on journey times are among the key findings of a new report carried out in areas of Wales trialling the new default 20mph speed limit. (Welsh Government Press Release - 17th March 2023) Continue reading

Critique of Buckley anti-20mph petition

The petition to oppose the Welsh Government national default 20mph limit misinforms in that it misreads the Welsh Government plans and the ability of local highway authorities to set local exceptions. In this and many other inaccuracies it is therefore extremely limited as an assessment of public support for opposing the national default 20mph limit with exceptions that has been set in Wales. The following gives a section by section critique of the petition and its flaws. Continue reading

Wales 20mph Order

The Restricted Roads (20 mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022 - Questions and Answers What is it? This order requires approval by Senedd Cymru (Welsh Government) and changes the speed limit for restricted roads (those with lighting at intervals of not more than 200yds) from 30mph to 20mph. This order would become effective 17th September 2023. It was debated in Senedd on 12th July 2022 and passed 39 votes to 15. Continue reading

Welsh Government National 20mph Guide – A Global First

In 2019 the Welsh Government said that 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas. The Task Force Group it set up to “identify the practical actions needed to implement this change” has now reported. The Senedd will debate “Introducing 20mph Speed Limits in Wales” in its session on 15th July 2020. Continue reading

First Minister of Wales makes historic announcement of plans to implement default 20mph limits for residential areas in Wales

First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, today made a historic announcement that “The Welsh government believes that 20mph zones should be the default speed limit for residential areas. The Deputy Transport Minister, together with the Welsh Local Government Association, is taking forward work to identify the practical actions needed to implement 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Wales”[1]. [1] Continue reading

20’s Plenty for Wales – 20mph Conference Report: #20Wales

A sell out conference of 100 delegates met in Cardiff to share best practice on how to make streets healthier in Wales by reducing road risk at source through 20mph limits with a focus on 20mph as a national urban default. Click on each presenter to open their presentation or 60 second voxpop Continue reading

20mph for Wales as a National Speed Limit

People want 20mph streets.  Fortunately, 20mph limits are affordable and do-able. What’s the best method? The Welsh Government can lead with a 20mph default for built up areas.  This is a cost-effective win-win all round – eg for the legal process, consultation, signage, engagement, higher compliance and enforcement. Continue reading