NHS Voxpops

Our campaign in support of doctors is very much one with public backing. Here we show videos from people  around the country saying why they support the doctors in their call for an emergency national 20mph urban limit. You can share a video on social media just by clicking on the paper dart symbol when you hover over a video. Please do.

If you would like to record a video for adding your support then please email us as [email protected] and we will provide instructions.

Dr Adrian Davis

Alice Berendt

Dr Claire Mason

Peter Goodman

Danny Dorling

Sandra Lane

Luca Machado

Louise Berendt

Matthew Snedker

Florence Trotter

Paul Holdsworth

Kevin Ambrose

Anna Barford

Vincent Walsh

Adrian Berendt

Rosie Semlyen

Prof Alan Tapp

Wyn Holroyd

Cathy Harrington

Marieke de Jonge

Jane McCourt

Kate Thomson

Jeremy Leach

Anna Semlyen

Rod King MBE


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