Here we show some graphics that may be used. You can right click on any of the images to download them.

Note that we have a page set up specifically for graphics associated with Wales. These are in Welsh and English language.

Our logo

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Transparent 20s Plenty logo

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A4 Poster for election candidates to hold and be photographed 

Our latest range of graphics are here

Welsh Diolch am 20/Thanks for 20 as .jpg

Welsh Diolch am 20/Thanks for 20 as a .png



Christmas Graphics: Twitter and Facebook

Christmas Graphics: LinkedIn

How does your Local Authority rate for 20mph (Twitter)

How does your Local Authority rate for 20mph (Facebook)

For Parishes

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Our 2022 Valentine's Day graphics with optimal format for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are shown below:


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You can download our Valentine's Day card here to send to...whoever you love...

Our Infographic on setting a national 20mph limit for England



Our graphic on 20mph and emissions


Being hit at 20mph is like falling into a 3.6m trench (or from a 1st floor window). At 30mph it's like falling into a 8.8m trench (or from a 3rd floor window)

Being hit at 20mph is like falling from a 1st floor window or into a 2.6m trench


We have re-created the paper plates first used in Hertfordshire for children to say whey they want a 20mph limit. Here are some examples.


The template for the plate is here.


Also available as a Word Doc or a PDF file

A 20's Plenty colouring page for children - Created by Sue Nicholls in our 20's Plenty for Hertfordshire campaign


Also available as a Word Doc or a PDF file

 How 20mph/30kmh limits with public engagement beat physical calming in cost effectiveness


Impact speeds (MPH) and the equivalent fall from height.


The field of vision to observe pedestrians at 20mph and 30mph


How vehicle noise decreases between 30mph and 20mph. A 3db decrease is equivalent to halving the noise.


British Social Attitude Surveys over the years have shown a consistent 70% in favour of 20mph for residential roads.


Risk of death for children


Speed: The facts. Taken from a WHO publication.


How speed Kills Infographic


20 Saves a Plenty graphic from Bristol Cycling


Its physics! People ask about how 20mph limits reduces emissions. This graphic shows the difference in energy (from fuel) required to reach 20mph or 30mph.


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