So You Want …Social Distance?

Keeping 2m from others reduces COVID-19 spread. 20mph limits help. Lower speeds provide greater safety when passing cyclists and pedestrians and enables ‘pop up’ pavement or cycle lane widenings to work better. 20mph limits raise cycling and walking rates and reduce car use very cost effectively, population-wide across an urban network. Continue reading

Space Reallocation & Lower Speed Responses to Covid-19

We all need more space – 2m for safe social distancing during Covid-19. Leading cities are now delivering more room for access on feet and slower speeds for reasons of public health, fewer casualties, to help us breathe, exercise and mitigate car use. If people begin to avoid public transport in our cities then, unless walking or cycling is chosen rather than driving, urban areas may grind to a halt in a polluted traffic jam as travel bans begin to be lifted. 20mph and 30km/h limits are valuable, key tools for accessibility, lung health and economic recovery. Continue reading