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20's Plenty for Us is 'not for profit’ with over 600 local groups campaigning to make cities, towns and villages around the world better places to be.

We campaign for a speed limit of 20mph to be normal on residential streets and in town and village centres, unless full consideration of the needs of vulnerable road users allows a higher limit on particular streets.

We believe that communities can decide that "20's Plenty Where People Live".

  • Most of the UK's larger cities have adopted 20mph for their residential streets
  • 28 million people in the UK live in places where 20mph is or will be the urban/village norm.
  • Wales is about to implement a 20mph national default for residential roads.
  • The General Assembly of the United Nations endorses 20mph or 30km/h speed limits where people mix with motor vehicles, unless strong evidence exists that higher speeds are safe.

Welcome to 20’s Plenty of Us and please contact us for further information.

Rod King MBE
Founder & Campaign Director

What a great conference we had.

20’s Plenty National Conference: Oxfordshire County Hall 10am

A “cutting edge”, inspiring view of “20mph limits as a norm”, in line with Wales, Scotland, UN and
councils such as Oxfordshire, Cornwall and Scottish Borders. Showcasing shire counties, unitary
authorities, boroughs and nations.

Click on the link above to view presentation slides and voxpops.

Click here to view the conference report




Part of the Streets for Life global movement led by the United Nations calling for default urban 20mph and 30km/h speed limits where people mix with motors.

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