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NHS Wheelie Bin Sticker Campaign

Our Wheelie Bin Sticker campaign has been a huge success with tens of thousands being bought by campaigners and showing streets where residents clearly say that 20 is Plenty.

We are now doing the same with our 20's Plenty for the NHS campaign and have designed a new stickers where you can show your support for the call by doctors for a emergency national urban 20mph limit.

By choosing the right size (35cm x 25cm) we have managed to optimise material costs and can now supply for as little as 50p each plus post and packing.

Our new 20's Plenty for the NHS sticker


Prices for the stickers are:-

Quantity Total Price
20 £15
100 £50

Simply click on the appropriate payment amount above left for the quantity you require and we will deliver the stickers within the week.

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