Norming 20mph/30kmh: a call for a new default speed limit

Global pressure is mounting on legislators to reset speed limits for #Streetsforlife – designed for flourishing human activities. Whether protecting humans and quality of life in Kent or Kenya, it’s 20mph/30kmh that’s global best practice where people mix with motors. Norming 20mph/30kmh is the sole call of the biennial UNGRSW by the UN and WHO. Local politicians must update policy to #ActOn20mph #Love20 #Love30.

Ask National Government elected representatives for decisive action too. Email your MP

It is highly significant that the UN has made 20mph/30kph its main focus for Global Road Safety Week for May 17-23 and beyond: This follows 130 nations endorsing the Stockholm Declaration[1] and actions for the 2nd Decade of Road Safety 2021-2030.

A 30mph/50kmh default has been rejected by global road safety organisations. It has no basis in science. It’s no longer fit for purpose. Squishy bodies cannot withstand its impacts. Normalising 20mph/30kmh is healthier, sustainable and climate friendly. 21m people now live in UK Local Authorities where 20mph is the norm. It’s not just a duty of care but a fundamental issue of what streets are for: to live, work, shop, play and learn. The economic case for sustainable transport to build back better is clear and over 70% of people support slower speeds.

20’s Plenty for Us is delighted that the UN and WHO are calling for 20mph/30kmh as normal with higher limits as an exception if vulnerable road users are protected. This respects citizens who don’t add to congestion or pollution by doing the right thing: walking or cycling. It also aids micro mobility from e-bikes and e-scooters and the network’s carrying capacity.

How to make 20mph/30kmh the norm? 20’s Plenty for Us says “do it like Wales” which will become a 20mph default country in 2023 and where 30mph limits will be the exception rather than using the approach in England - one local authority at a time. The Welsh way is clearer to drivers, normalises 20mph and is better value for money. Use the email your MP facility at or email your local council candidates at

20mph/30kmh is popular, enforceable and cost effective. It’s #normal.


Don’t get left behind. 20mph is the best choice for people’s wellbeing. It means fewer casualties, is cost-effective and overwhelmingly popular.

Rod King MBE, Founder and Campaign Director for 20’s Plenty for Us commented

Politicians are elected to make decisions that benefit their community. As well as being supported by the majority, 20mph helps the elderly, the young and the vulnerable. A 20mph speed limit is increasingly normal on our streets. Choose 20mph.



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