West Mercia Police support 20mph limits

Its good to see this recent communication from the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia, Bill Longmore, after a meeting with the Chief Constable, David Shaw. The following statement was agreed by both :- “The same criteria should be applied to 20mph as any other lawfully imposed speed limit. The force’s position is that if there is an evidence basis to merit a road having a 20mph speed limit we would expect local authorities to consider implementing that limit. We will then work with partners to enforce those limits applying the same approach we use on other speed limits.”   The full PCC response is shown below :- Continue reading

Main Roads & 20mph - Learning from Dundee's Errors

Yesterday the Roads and Transportation Department of Dundee presented a report to the city's Development Committee on "potential areas where 20mph speed limits could be implemented in the City of Dundee". Whilst we welcome the broad support for 20mph on residential roads we have real concerns that by emphatically excluding any principal roads the report ignores and misrepresents the current Scottish guidance. The report references the Transport Scotland Guidance on 20mph Limits, yet both misrepresents that guidance and shows little understanding of either the issues or the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010. This blog therefore provides our critique of the report from Transportation Department. Continue reading

Shire Counties and 20mph Limits

Many of the shire counties have been behind the urban authorities in implementing 20mph limits. This blog explores some of the statements made by councils in explaining their reluctance to implement and how most of them use a false interpretation of current government guidance. Continue reading

Safety Cameras

A Call for Safety Camera Enforcement of 20mph limits by Anna Semlyen, 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaign Manager Continue reading

France expands 20mph (30km/h) cities

French cities are adopting wide-area 30km/h (20mph) limits with their 30 zones. Here we reproduce a translated page of "Rue de l'Avenir" website who campaign for better a better and more live-able urban environment in France. You can view the original page (in French)  here Continue reading

30mph limits for restricted roads

Another question is about the current 30mph limits and how this is determined by street lighting rather than any conscious decision by the local traffic authority to set such a limit. Continue reading

Limits or Zones

And here is another question answered where I explain the difference between a 20mph limit and a 20mph zone     Continue reading

Police Enforcement

Last year someone sent me the following email question :- You offer assistance with any claims by police forces that 20mph limits (zones?) are not enforceable. Any advice concerning the following would be appreciated. The County Councillor was recently reported as saying that the police have advised him that the local 20mph zone is not enforceable and the only action that can be taken is to charge a motorist exceeding the 20mph limit with dangerous or careless driving. Currently he is refusing to explain his remarks. The minutes of a recent meeting of the parish council record ”due to recent changes in legislation/regulation the Parish Council may apply for enforceable action against speeding in the 20mph zone” and “Update from Police: Recent change in legislation has enabled enforcement codes for individual 20mph zones to be applied for”. Currently the chair of that meeting is unable to explain what was meant. Does any of this mean anything to you? I am aware of the ACPO Speed Enforcement Policy Guidelines and DfT Setting Local Speed Limits. Currently it seems like a ‘smoke screen’ so any clue to the meaning of these statements and any guidance concerning how to question these statements would be appreciated My answer follows  Continue reading

Welcome to Our new web site

When 20's Plenty for Us was set up in 2007 a website was seen as a crucial way to provide the resources for local campaigns to understand the guidance and basis for 20mph speed limits. It has provided a key platform for us to communicate with so many people throughout the country and indeed around the world. But internet technologies change and with the advent of social marketing then we need a far more integrated approach to communication that combines reference material, news, newsgroup, social marketing and emails. We are pleased to be working with a new NationBuilder website which will bring all of those together in one integrated platform to better inform and support our campaign and communities........   Continue reading