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When 20's Plenty for Us was set up in 2007 a website was seen as a crucial way to provide the resources for local campaigns to understand the guidance and basis for 20mph speed limits. It has provided a key platform for us to communicate with so many people throughout the country and indeed around the world.

But internet technologies change and with the advent of social marketing then we need a far more integrated approach to communication that combines reference material, news, newsgroup, social marketing and emails. We are pleased to be working with a new NationBuilder website which will bring all of those together in one integrated platform to better inform and support our campaign and communities........


We have transferred all of our Briefing Sheets to the new website which is accessible with a shorter 20splenty.org.uk domain as well. This will help with social media such as Twitter which limits the characters used. We will still be leaving all our previous resources available on our legacy site at www.20splentyforus.org.uk.

To get the best from the new site we encourage you to "sign up" so that you can comment, forward onto Twitter and Facebook, etc. Once registered we can also contact you (with your permission) and inform you of nee briefings, press releases etc.

Rod King



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