France expands 20mph (30km/h) cities

French cities are adopting wide-area 30km/h (20mph) limits with their 30 zones. Here we reproduce a translated page of "Rue de l'Avenir" website who campaign for better a better and more live-able urban environment in France.

You can view the original page (in French)  here

City Living - Approach City 30

In 2012 and 2013, a working group "City living" of the Avenir France Rue has met regularly to clarify the contours of the "city living", the consequences of automotive excess, the modalities of a reduction in the square and the speed of motor vehicles and the importance of developing alternative methods. 
This enabled the drafting of a policy brief life, the city, the city to live, validated by the Office Zukunftstrasse France, finally gives some working tracks for a successful city to live in. An important documentation is available on the website eur.

The approach 30 km / h in France

After a somewhat slow start, France is now experiencing great excitement in the creation of 30 zones.

The big cities

They multiply the 30 zones: Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Nantes in particular.


The City introduced the first ZTL (restricted traffic zone) French. 30 an area with restricted access. 
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The capital has implemented a voluntary policy of traffic calming: meeting zones, zones 30, main shaft 30, 30 km / h outside schools, contraflow cycling etc ...

This policy is accompanied by a communication campaign and tries to find solutions that enable large-scale establishment

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Medium-sized towns

They develop ambitious plans:

Angers, a comprehensive approach: see our file

Cities and villages in 30

Added to this is an interesting phenomenon the "City 30". Indeed, many small and medium-sized towns are completely past 30 km / h (with exceptions on major roads).

The site sticks list (the end of June 2013) by department

Ongoing: Aubière (63), Fontenay-sous-Bois (94), Metz (57), Montreuil (93)

Projects :

  • 2014: Angers  (49) 90% of the roads must pass 30. See the presentation of the city of Angers (2013)
  • 2014: Chambery (73)
  • 2015: La Rochelle, during consultation. 80% of roads are expected to increase to 30
  • 2015: Auray (56)
  • 2020: Rennes  (35) project to 75% of roads 30 see map and guidance
  • 2020: Lambersart (59)

Manifesto for a city 30

The street is not a road.
Rue de l'Avenir France, with its partners, launched a manifesto for a town 30

Rue de l'Avenir France Brochure: City 30

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