Open letter supporting 20mph

Multiple organisations sign open letter in support of safer streets in Wales. 

The initiative is supported by many Welsh and UK-wide organisations who see real benefits for their members. And whilst some supporting organisations are not be able to make their support public due to internal policies, we are pleased that a range of organisations and NGOs are keen to make their support tangible by being part of our open letter to the press and media.


Nearly 20 influential and respected organisations have joined 20's Plenty for Us in support of the Welsh Government setting 20mph as the default speed limit in residential streets. As well as 20's Plenty for Us, these include:


Action for Children Wales BRAKE Cardiff Cycle Campaign Children in Wales
Cycling Uk - Cymru Friends of the Earth Cymru Living Streets Cymru Natural Resources Wales
Play Wales Playing Out RoadPeace Sport Wales
Sustrans Cymru The UK Noise Association Welsh Local Government Association Wales Council for Deaf People


The open letter says:

"We support the Welsh Government initiative to make 20mph the default speed limit for residential and built-up areas from today, 17th September. We praise the 20mph limit as being the huge contribution towards fairer streets and more liveable communities for all in Wales. It’s not just a road safety benefit. It also supports broader health, climate and societal goals such as helping the vulnerable to get about, improving social connection, reducing air and noise pollution, and more."

The letter goes on to explain the many benefits of 20mph.

"It benefits the 513,800 children in Wales who will find walking, cycling and scooting to and from school, friends, family or play places so much safer. And 298,519 households with no car or van, including 48% of lone parent households will gain from safer streets whilst walking or cycling. Plus the 600,000 people with concessionary travel passes who walk for at least part of their journey, often standing at the roadside, will find their mobility improved. And research shows that over 12,133 people won’t be injured by vehicles over the next 10 years."


One of them could be any reader of this article.

We are grateful.

20’s Plenty for Us

Llythyr agored yn Cymraeg

Letter in English


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