Email the Decision Makers in your local authority

It is important that our communities get that correct 20mph limit on our residential streets, our  shopping streets, around our schools, and anywhere that we expect pedestrians and cyclists to mix with motor vehicles. Your authority can already set 20mph limits on most of your urban and village roads. Remind the decision makers in your local authority that our communities need to join the many in the UK where the consensus is that 20's Plenty where people are, and have authority-wide default 20mph limits.   Create an email

Email your MP for an emergency 20mph default during Covid-19

The Covid-19 Crisis is putting a huge load on our health and transport systems. As lock-down eases we can expect to see a massive increase in driving, cycling and walking. At the same time social distancing demands that people keep further apart when walking and cycling. Whilst local authorities can make some highway changes the government can take emergency action to reduce the national urban speed limit to 20mph to give everyone more time to avoid collisions and casualties. It has changed national speed limits in times of crisis before. Add your voice to asking MPs to do so again. Create an email