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On 17th Sept 2023 most 30mph limits will change to 20mph in Wales as the new national limit. This is a first for the UK. 20’s Plenty for Us is assisting anyone who wants to welcome this change, so that we can all help to make Welsh streets fair again.  Our web pages can help keep you informed and inspired.

20mph replaces 30mph, unless a road is deliberately exempted and signed at 30mph. Exceptions guidance says that streets where there is demand, or could be, for vulnerable road users to mix with motor traffic should be included, even trunk A roads. Settlements may find buffer zones –
eg where speeds reduce from 60mph to 40mph or 30mph - useful.

New research found lower driving speeds, increased walking and cycling levels and minimal impact on journey times in the Welsh places piloting 20mph.

Free to use graphics on 20mph from 20’s Plenty for Us and from the Welsh Government are here. Hashtag #readyfor20mph.

What can you do?

Community Councils can request resources – such as a free pack of stickers in Welsh and English or a free online presentation from [email protected]  Over 60 have already done so. Has yours?

See the range of wheelie bin and car bumper designs and buy the stickers here. Why display stickers? To raise awareness, driver compliance with lower speeds and because it can be done before the change to help everyone know it’s coming and get #readyfor20mph

Graphics can be used in local newsletters explaining that 20mph
is coming.

Diolch am 20/Thanks for 20’ Zooms

Anyone can attend our regular zooms on the 17th of the month at 7pm. April’s zoom features Jason Williams the police lead on 20mph and Kaarina Ruta, Transport Assistant working on 20mph with the Welsh Local Government Association. Register here

Come and ask questions, share ideas, experiences and learn from each other. Our lively March event featured Fiona Andrews of 20’s Plenty for St Dogmaels. She found “there is so much more a community can get out of the friendlier drop in speed if local people get on board early”. New activities are happening - like a bike buddy scheme, couch to 5k and walking to school has increased children’s independence and friendships.

Town and Community Councillors are especially welcome. They have some great communication channels and possibly community budgets for items like gateway features, banners and stickers.

Join our Diolch am 20/Thanks for 20 Facebook Group -

Check the map of exceptions for your area and notify your authorities if you have opinions. Zoom into the maps at DataMapWales.

Authorities uploading so far are Blaenau Gwent, Cardiff, Ceredigion, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire and Newport, as well as the trunk roads. Just click on any red road sections and then the blue text to get info on the appropriate Traffic Order.


Spain changed to 30kmh (18mph) nationally and found a 20% drop in road fatalities

Tell us your ideas. What would support you to champion the change to 20mph?

We recommend you stay positive and not get into debate with detractors as this change is coming. Work instead with the willing to convince those who are unsure to support 20mph.

Do please invite anyone you think will get active to be a community supporter and send on our information so they can get involved.

Thanks for all that you do. 


Rod King, Anna Semlyen and Sue Nicholls

The 20’s Plenty for Us Welsh celebration support team

[email protected]

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