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  • commented on Police Enforcement 2019-04-27 18:27:33 +0100
    Whilst I agree with 20mph default speed limits on side roads, it is idiotic to have them on all Roads.

    Today we see lots of Adults crossing roads without looking and often deeply looking into their phones. I grew up in the 70s, at a time we were educated to use the green cross code.

    There is a need for consistency with 20mph enforcement and not the post code lottery system that exists today.

    As a London pedestrian, I’m usually in a rush to cross roads. However, I take the time to look both ways and observe the pedestrian lights to avoid crossing as the traffic is attempting to move off.

    The diagonal crossing at Oxford Circus has spread and many pedestrians cross in this way even when not appropriate. A man was recently crossing between the flowing traffic in a north London 5 road junction.

    Camden council has been busy closing a lot of side roads, forcing traffic into main roads, so this is causing heavy congestion.

    As a disabled Londoner, I can’t travel on the underground if my journey to or from will result in peak travel. I am now being isolated from going to places in Central London because decisions are being made for political correctness and not on the basis of proper analysis.

    We should take an even responsibility approach on our roads. However, due to austerity we don’t have the means to enforce rules on pedestrian, bicycles and in lots of cars motor bikes.

    London and TFL should review the speeds and traffic light sequence on their roads, to ensure traffic can move and congestion is avoided. There are 40mph speed limits on sections of the A40 out of London in places where there are no crossings or pedestrians. Surely, it would make sense to speed to traffic leaving London where it is appropriate, but politic correctness has meant it’s not been done.

    Vehicles in London looking for parking has always been an issue and added to traffic, but no authority has considered trying to find ways to show where there is available parking. Central London authorities have been keen to avoid concession to disabled on the basis that London was a special case, but in reality they are protecting the revenue.