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  • commented on Campaign 2018-06-16 21:39:48 +0100
    I tried to campaign for 20 in my small town but felt that I did not have much support and I now see that the whole place is up in arms and marching with banners because the council are putting in parking charges.
    The majority of people are able bodied and drive around and want to get around quickly and cheaply and don’t see themselves as part of a problem.
    Before imposing 20 mph it seems logical (to me) to find a fool proof method of adherence to limits – which is recorded within your own car and that issues a fine or some kind of deterrent via the insurance companies, rather than speed cameras and voluntary speed watch groups.
    I literally get people honking and beeping and harassing me for travelling at 30!
    Until that sort of attitude is knocked on the head then 20 signs are unlikely to make much difference
    There are some 20 stretches here at school times and hardly anyone bothers to slow down, unless there is a traffic jam.