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  • commented on Local Transport Today Letter 2019-01-19 11:52:21 +0000
    If your group is so accurate on your spoutings and have the evidence why did you refuse to go head to head with the ABD on BBC Three Counties then? I quote form the latest ABD newsletter. Lastly, Hugh Bladon returned to BBC Three Counties Radio (drivetime) to talk about the latest government report, in particular the revelation that 20 zones have not significantly improved road safety. This had to be rescheduled because Twenty’s Plenty refused to go head-to-head with us.

    Very good at talking the talk, but walking the walk where you can be challenged and you run away. Typical!

  • commented on 30mph is Unjust and Unjustified: Choose 20mph 2019-01-12 17:28:18 +0000
    Dear Mr King,

    If you take the trolls opinions on social media of me then I care not a jot. If you want to make it personal I might say one needs to take on a PC campaign to get an MBE!

    What I care about is that facts, rather than emotions, are actually debated.

    I take my experience of many years of seeing emotion give us bus lanes (John Prescott’s baby to reduce car travel which failed) restricted lanes, reduction in number of lanes, mass pedestrianisation and more which has led to congestion and frustration. What might be your experience on the roads? Have you ever done multi-drop? Have you ever been self-employed and had to rely on a totally inadequate road network costing your business?

    Which are, by a massive way, our safest roads? When I drive through the more “hippy” areas of Calderdale I see support for 20 is plenty but whenever I talk to people in general they think it’s a lot of fuss about nothing. It has cost Calderdale £821K to implement and has saved absolutely nothing. I supported 20 mph say outside schools (in fact those flashing warning lights asking 20 mph during schools in/out are effective in my opinion) and maybe other sensitive places but what we have is absurd. 95% of drivers ignore them, because they do as they were taught and drive to the conditions, and the police have admitted they cannot enforce them.

    I am not saying your campaign is necessarily a left-wing body but I would reckon a poll of the politics of your directors and staff would give me absolutely no surprise.