20's Plenty Conference 2022


Oxfordshire County Hall – 20th October 2022, 10:00-16:30
Co-hosted by Oxfordshire County Council, 20’s Plenty for Us and Landor Link


20mph limits are already being delivered to 28 million people in authorities in the UK and are becoming the norm for rural communities as well as towns and cities.

The world is changing its perspective on what is an appropriate speed for motor vehicles wherever they share public spaces with people. 30km/h or 20mph is becoming the new global norm for urban and village streets shared between motors and people.

Gone are the days of designing our streets around cars. Instead, there is a recognition that a healthy city, town or village needs a far better balance in risk and convenience between the people inside and those outside motor vehicles. With most of the larger urban authorities having already set a 20mph limit as a norm it is increasingly clear that what is good for residents in cities is also good for residents in towns and villages. Already thousands of parish councils have called on their county council to set a 20mph limit as a norm. Some counties have already done so.

This conference will feature several counties who are saying 20’s Plenty for our places too. We will feature a session where the Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government Association will provide their plans to replace the national 30mph limit with a 20mph default with exceptions. Enabling legislation has already been passed and this will take effect on 17th September 2023.

The conference will provide an in-depth perspective of the challenges and opportunities for 20mph in shire counties and rural communities. It will reveal not only how it may be done successfully but also demonstrate the outcomes from such a change.

The conference will feature:

  • The first national roll-out of 20mph in the UK with detailed presentations from the Welsh Government, including a keynote from Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Climate Change.
  • Visions of a future decade as 20mph becomes the norm including a presentation from Prof Danny Dorling.
  • Rural counties presenting their results from 20mph limits already implemented in Scottish Borders and 20mph plans from co-hosts Oxfordshire County Council and Cornwall Council
  • Community 20’s Plenty campaigners showing how they are influencing rural councils.

It will provide informed and focussed presentations for the following attendees:

  • Councillors and officers responsible for transport, mobility, active travel, public health and climate change.
  • Transport and road safety professionals.
  • Campaigners for safer quieter streets and active travel.
  • Media specialists in transport and mobility.


Deborah Sims (chair) - Senior Vice President - Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation

How Wales is implementing a national 20mph default urban/village limit

Lee Waters AM - Deputy Minister for Climate Change - Welsh Government

Katherine Owen - Future Integrated Transport Communications Manager - Welsh Government

Ian Bradfield - Principal Policy Lead – Roads - Welsh Government

Jason Williams - Gwent Police

Ms Kaarina Ruta - Transport Assistant - Welsh Local Government Association

20mph limits as a foundation for the next decade of change

Prof Danny Dorling - Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography - University of Oxford

PC Mark Hodson - West Midlands Police

Rod King MBE - Founder & Campaign Director - 20's Plenty for Us

How rural counties are implementing 20mph as a norm and the results gained

Andrew Gant - Cabinet Member for Highway Management - Oxfordshire County Council

Pete Sudbury - Cabinet Member for Climate Change Delivery and Environment - Oxfordshire County Council

Philippa Gilhooly - Team Leader – Traffic and Road Safety - Scottish Borders Council

Philip Desmonde - Cabinet Member - Transport Portfolio - Cornwall Council

How communities help authorities to understand the level of public support

Anna Semlyen - Campaign Manager - 20's Plenty for Us

Adrian Berendt - Campaign Manager, South East England - 20's Plenty for Us

Dean Evans - County Lead Campaigner - 20's Plenty for Cornwall

Ian Conlon - County Lead Campaigner - 20's Plenty for North Yorkshire

Delegate fees are set to provide a very cost-effective and informative day for delegates.

For Public Sector delegates the fee is £95

For Private Sector delegates the fee is £175

Delegates can register at the Landor Links webpage

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  • October 20, 2022 at 10:00am – 4:30pm
  • Oxfordshire County Hall
    4 New Rd
    Oxford OX1 1AY
    United Kingdom
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  • Rod King


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