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  • commented on Info 2023-09-23 22:19:25 +0100
    In Wales first time since 20 mph introduced. Driving from Welsh border to our caravan in Lleyn peninsula was a nightmare, as follows. Whilst I agree with the premise of this campaign, implementation has been appalling. Welsh website says some local towns/villages have opted to retain 30 mph but default HAS to be assumed to be 20 mph. How is the motorist supposed to know? Some 20mph signs in evidence but still mostly 30 mph. Welsh police are famous for camera catches, we have been clocked in Wales for 32 mph, but never in England. Police say there will be an educational period of introduction but after you can guarantee cameras will clock at 22 mph. And fines, course and points will ensue making more money for the Treasury. Journey was very stressful took an hour longer. Wales relies on tourism, and will definitely take a big hit unless implementation different. Also why not make limit 25 not 20, much more doeable, no mention of in campaign information I can see.