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I live alongside the A49 and understand the devastation of speed.

Motorcyclists travelling up to 180 mph and then colliding with a vehicle does not end peacefully.

Most of us have directly or indirectly experienced the excitement, the thrill, but also the negatives of speed.

With more drivers and riders on the roads today, human error is inevitable.

Human error is the major reason why accidents happen.

Vehicles do not crash on their own. It takes humans to be in control of the vehicles in order for a crash to happen.

This is also in the case of computer automated vehicles. Human interaction is always an ingredient for a possible negative incident.

Residing in Church Stretton, Shropshire and being in between the hamlets of Little Stretton and All Stretton should be a calm and relaxing experience.

Not so, when there are speeding motorists and riders.

I would like to see an 'official' 20 mph zone in the town of Church Stretton and its hamlets to stop speeding and decrease air pollution.

This 'official' 20 mph zone to be implemented in the streets of the town centre, residential streets, schools, medical centres, community centres, and emergency routes (fire and police).

The short countrified distances on exiting the A49 (south of Church Stretton) on the Ludlow Road (B5477) to Little Stretton and from Little Stretton to Church Stretton and from Church Stretton to All Stretton and from All Stretton to the A49 (north of Church Stretton) on the Shrewsbury Road (B5477) are as important as the town and residential streets for speeding.

We have horse riding and a major interest in road cycling and mountain biking where visitors holiday in the Strettons from around the world.

In Church Stretton we have Medieval, Steam, Music, etc., festivals and therefore we see a population explosion at certain seasonal periods.

The CardingmillValley becomes over parked with thousands of visitors and holiday makers.

All need to be protected from excessive speed.

The town council prefers to be inactive in most issues concerning the welfare of Church Stretton, its hamlets and surrounding residential areas.

This is the reason why I support '20's Plenty for Us' campaigns and this is why I want a '20's Plenty for Us' campaign in Church Stretton. 

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