Campaigning can be very rewarding.   We aim to maximise that buzz by helping people to be effective at getting 20mph limits implemented on your streets.

Anna Semlyen as Campaign Manager, Jeremy Leach in London and Adrian Berendt in the South East provide grant funded services to support local activists to press for change.  Services are free (other than materials like stickers), though we welcome donations.  There are over 450 active local 20s Plenty for Us groups around the country with some wonderfully effective volunteer campaigners. See here

20's Plenty for Us offer anyone interested in being active on 20mph limits the following: - 

Access to this website with a wide range of resources, briefings – e.g. on air pollution, press releases, posters, graphics, stickers, template petitions, template letters to councillors, case studies of local campaigns, advice on arguing the case to various professionals, power point presentations, 20s Plenty Rap Poetry (a rhyming summary of our message) and we are constantly adding more.

20’s Plenty stickers in various sizes (for wheelie bins, car bumpers, car windows and bikes)

Follow our facebook page

Follow us on Twitter @20splentyforus

Free membership of a Yahoo campaigner discussion group to discuss concerns and successes and swap information with likeminded people – (sign up by clicking here)

A free email address eg [email protected] which we’d direct email to your private email

A free website template and hosting for local 20s Plenty sites eg see These can include free online petitions

A free mailing to your local press service of national press releases like the 20mph improves air quality pollution briefing.  Please send press contact emails to [email protected]

Media quotes and liaison – for instance to national and local press, TV and radio.

Writing “Why is 20 Plenty for Your Location?” leaflets in Microsoft Publisher from our templates.

Technical help and assistance – e.g. critiques of local speed management plans, Local Authority papers,  implementation advice, Freedom Of Information request formats and how to complain to your Council.

Telephone and email help from Rod King (in Warrington), Anna Semlyen (in York) and Jeremy Leach  (in London)

Help with your presentations at public meetings/conferences by assisting with advice, guidance, posters, displays, leaflets and power point slides.

Funding advice e.g. how to get free venue hire for your meetings – perhaps at a school / pub.

Loan of speed detector

Starting a campaign pack (see below)

Support in that you are not alone! In fact the power of our campaign is that it is such a universal aspiration.

Look to see if there is a local 20’s Plenty for Us group where you live on the campaigner map here. If there isn’t, and you’d like to start a local group, please agree to have a [email protected] email address.  Plus send your postal address to [email protected] to receive a free starter campaign pack with some of our materials like leaflets and stickers.

If you have suggestions for anything else we can do, or feedback please let us know.

And please, remember that 20's Plenty for Us is a "grass-roots" organisation. We know what its like to work in the community. We know the great successes that are possible and also some of the setbacks which are inevitable. We would like to help so please just ask.


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