Campaigning is rewarding.   Our team supports thousands of local campaigners to get 20mph limits where they live. While most of our services are free, we welcome donations and there is a small charge for some resources.  We have local campaign groups around the world with wonderfully effective campaigners.  Becoming a local campaigner brings:

* Access to the wide and growing range of briefings on our website 

* Support and help from our expert team: Rod, Anna, Jeremy, Sue and Adrian

* A free campaign starter pack and access to 20’s Plenty stickers, banners and other resources

* A free email address [email protected]

* Free mailing to your local press of national press releases.  Please send press contact emails to [email protected]

* An invitation to join our Facebook campaigner group page here where you can swap information with other campaigners


* Knowledge that you are not alone in wanting your place to be a better place to be


If there is no 20’s Plenty for Us group near you , we'd be delighted to help you start one. Email Anna or anyone of us and we'll be in contact.  In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @20splentyforus for the latest news and information.

20's Plenty for Us is a "grass-roots" organisation based in the community. We are equally happy to celebrate successes and help solve issues. Please ask us.


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