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  • commented on Campaign 2019-05-03 10:39:43 +0100
    Take direct action !!
    We have taken the direct action to slow the vehicles on our road down. The residents now park their cars on either side of the road, spaced effectively to mimick the slowing effect of the concrete traffic island used effectively to slow traffic. This is not possible in all areas of all roads I realise but it does allow me, you, us of all, to take back control and have a real effect.

    Such is our frustration this is what we have had to do due to the ludicrous application of the government criteria particularly the 25 per mile average speed in order to qualify for a 20mph limit!! As such our heavily pedestrian used road is surrounded by a sea of 20mph signs and speed humps, these tiny roads, cul de sacs and roads where there is very little trough traffic have been give 20mph, while my road has a large playing field right next to it, with a kids play area, it is a road that has two primary schools at either end and shops at either end and is a rat run at rush hour does not have a single indication to be caustion or kill speed. It is 30mph but there is not a single sign to indicate this this or that there are children crossing to play in the park, and people with dogs, many of them elderly using the park. When a cat goes missing in this area more often than not it is found dead on this very long straight road – I have lost 2.

    We summised it is because this road is a major bus route to the city that there is no traffic calming or signs for 20mph Though our cars can’t be on the roads at all time due to obvious usage, if everybody on the road does it sometime there is usually enough to slow the traffic down intermittently.