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  • commented on New research on emissions strengthens case for a 20mph default urban speed limit 2022-08-15 13:43:55 +0100
    Firstly, I do understand the need for speed limits where is makes sense and Cities and commercial towns need to consider this carefully, but there are 2 items that aren’t addressed.

    Firstly, much of this is about education. I grew up with the Green Cross Code Man, Charley Says series and films about things such as playing in a farm. The lack of such teachings like these on our school curriculums, televisions and radios, to be replaced by beauty products, bladder control and erectile dysfunction advertising is such a missed opportunity for our government.

    Secondly, this research misses the effect on increased travel times and associated stress levels that can impact some people in a services environment, such as carers who need their vehicles to get around, or Commercial/HGV delivery drivers who need to complete their schedules. A 25% reduction in emissions but a 33.3% increase in travel times. The public transport in this country is still too inconvenient for many to consider as an alternative, as some councils, such as Kingston-upon-Thames, use this argument as one of their reasons for the breadth of their 20MPH limits that they have applied.