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  • commented on Police Enforcement 2022-04-12 18:58:35 +0100
    Thanks Gary, unfortunately these changes are made without consultation of stake holders in the wider London community. If you travel around London, you will see the way Road speeds suddenly change to 20mph without much to highlight the change or physically force the change.

    Rod doesn’t say that pedestrians don’t need to take responsibility when crossing roads, but he doesn’t see that there is a need to educate and enforce poor pedestrian interactions with other road users, as we had seen in 70s by the use of the green cross road campaign.

    Holloway Road is a 3 lane dual carriageway with a central barrier and designated crossings, yet it’s supposedly a 20mph zone. However, buses and non urgent police are amongst those who exceed the 20mph limit.

    Pedestrians often cross this road near Odeon Cinema without looking at oncoming traffic and as I was amazed yesterday to see a few crossing with their back to the traffic as they were crossing.