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  • commented on How we help 2020-05-07 00:28:34 +0100
    I live on chelford road henbury Macclesfield. I live in a row of cottages that are a car width from the road. I have had the house for 16 years and the traffic has always been bad. But the speed the hgv trucks oass is well over 40/50 the house shakes. I have a young daughter and it’s awful gettinh Into our car in the mornings. Many of them oass on their phones we see it all the time. The road is a total death trap many have died and every few months the road is closed due to a major accident. The police pop down now and again and stand in the silliest of spots to do speed checks. Wher my home is is the okace the speed up to go done the winding country lanes towards knutsford. Many of you would not beleive your eyes if you saw the speed they are passing. Much campaigning and many calls to the police and nothing gets done. It’s one of the worst roads in Cheshire. This 20mph policy would make living in such a lovely place so much safer for me and my daughter. Only last year a tyre went through a window in this row thankfully there were not in or sat on the sofa they would of been killed. Please try and do something as my efforts are not getting me any where at all.