400th 20's Plenty Local Campaign Group forms in Strathblane

20’s Plenty for Us is now 400 campaign branches strong and UK-wide. Strathblane, Stirlingshire is the latest place where volunteers are being supported by the national 20mph campaign group lobbying for safer, better streets.

The 20’s Plenty for Us movement has grown enormously.  Formed in 2007, branch numbers have rocketed from 50 in mid 2011 to 400 today – a rate of about one a week for seven years.

The campaign is free to join and supports thousands of activists and volunteers pressing for 20mph road speed limits because it reduces road danger and leads to a better quality of life for local people.

The photo shows one of our recent campaigns in Sully, Nr Cardiff which has already demonstrated over 700 signatures from villagers in support of a 20mph speed limit in Sully.

Sean Botha from Strathblane, a rural village near Glasgow joined to

tackle the horrendous speeding issues through our village”.  


He received a free starting a campaign pack, stickers and other 20’s Plenty branded information and materials by post and email to convincingly make the case for 20mph with local decision makers.


Anna Semlyen National Campaign Manager said:-

“We train volunteers how to demonstrate to their elected Councillors the benefits and popularity of lower speed limits.  I’m delighted to assist 400 campaign groups across the UK. They are making an enormous difference at street level to people’s lives”.

Rod King MBE, 20’s Plenty for Us Founder, commented:-

“The huge growth of the 20’s Plenty movement is based on the fact that people want their place to be a better place.  Setting a 20mph limit for most roads reflects the clear consensus that 20 is the maximum acceptable limit where people live, work, shop and learn. 20’s Plenty for Us focus on supporting and empowering local volunteers.  Already 20mph limits have been adopted by councils representing 25% of the UK population.”

For more information on joining 20’s Plenty for Us is at http://www.20splenty.org/campaigners  or contact [email protected]  07572 120439

A local campaigns map with 20mph places and boroughs is at http://www.20splenty.org/local_campaigns

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