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  • commented on Institute of Welsh Affairs calls for national 20mph urban default 2019-05-12 22:10:26 +0100
    The problem is not just mathematical. Huamn reacts differently then numbers…

    Here a study that show taht the TTC is not better iat 30 then at 50.

    First the drivers are more concentrated on the road and on the potential danger on 50 then on 30. The pedestrian just don’t care anymore about safety when the authorities are giveing a blank check on safety just because of the speed reduction. And even if they deny it, the poeple don’t care and consider then per default the driver as guilty. That a car will always be less impacted physically then their body don’t seems to get in their views. A canadian study revealed that birds where flowing away from the side of the roads faster or later in conjonction with the local speed “limits”, meanwhile , as the car “usually” high or low speed goes (the flow away much faster near highways then in 20 MPH Zone). They have the same way acting as humans: they “know” that the car drives slow here, so they take much more risks"…. Pedestrians think then: anyways, if I get hit by a car at 20, I don’t get hurt, and therefor they don’t take anymore a look at what happens. Lately, in Switzerland, an old lady on a bike in a 20 MPH didn’t looked at all while getting on the road on her bike…She didn’t saw the bus coming, and of course, even the bus was not even at 20, she died on the spot! Another three years girl was left driving alone on her tricycle in a “safe” 20 MPH zone but got killed by a car that was not even driving at 15!!!! The parents let her “play” on a road! How can they just be so unaware? Because of the 20MPH Propaganda!

    Any speed limit that is not “natural” will also not be respected. And on friday, they aired on the TV the unsolvable problem those 20 MPH zone are for the Ambulances… 20 MPOH zone are more killing poeple’s then the “problem” they are mean to reduce!

    Furthermore, they are permanently, and this is unsane. There is NO RISK to drive 50 at 3’00 in the morning, but you can lose your driving license, theb your job and your family…

    To me, 20 MPH are making poeple going down to a 20 IQ -level!