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  • commented on Campaign 2018-03-15 06:49:21 +0000
    Last night I had to pick up the dead dismembered body of my lovely cat and furry companion from my road.
    My kids and I cried ourselves to sleep.
    Back in August my son’s friend got run over and it was a hit and run. I started a campaign to implement traffic calming measures for our road, contacted our Couincillor, after e series of email exchanges I got told that the council had visited the road and assessed that it was not eligible for any calming measures as there hasn’t been enough ( human ) deaths or incidents .

    Pets are fatalities are not considered in their statistics.

    At no point we have seen any officers visiting and now that my cat has died I have emailed my councillor requesting a review.

    My councillor David Livett sent me a response which explains that 20mph limit cannot be implemented on the bases that studies have been conducted with the results showing that it causes more accidents.

    I want to actively campin for making my road safe and would appreciate some advice.