300th 20’s Plenty 20mph Campaign Formed

20’s Plenty for Us is now 300 campaign branches strong and UK-wide. Selling in Kent is the latest place where volunteers are supported by the national 20mph campaign lobbying for safer, better streets. 

The 20’s Plenty for Us movement has grown at an incredible rate. Since forming in 2007, branch numbers have risen from 50 in mid 2011 to 300 today – a rate of about one a week for the past 5 years. The campaign is free to join and now supports thousands of activists and volunteers pressing for slower road speed limits for a better quality of life and public realm where they live.

Tanya Gibson from Selling in Kent joined to tackle the horrendous speeding issues through our village”. She has the Highways brief on Selling Parish Council.  Tanya said:-

“After months of hitting brick walls it was great to meet 20’s Plenty for Us and get some good advice.”   

20’s Plenty groups have celebrated recent wins in Barnes, Surbiton, Croydon and Cheshire West and Chester.  New branches include 20’s Plenty for Scilly, Armagh, South Harrow, Redbridge, Ludlow and Tonbridge and Malling. 

Anna Semlyen National Campaign Manager said:-

“Our volunteers are trained in demonstrating to Councillors the support for, and benefits of, lower speed limits. They ask their Councillors use their powers to limit speeds to make local communities safer, better places to be.  I’m delighted to assist 300 campaign groups and that 20’s Plenty for Us is visibly making a difference”.

Rod King MBE, 20’s Plenty for Us Founder, said:-

“The rapid growth and success of the 20’s Plenty movement is founded on a very simple premise - people want their place to be a better place to live.  Setting a 20mph limit for most roads reflects the clear consensus that 20 is the maximum acceptable where people live, work, shop and learn.

The strength of 20’s Plenty for Us organisation is our focus on supporting and empowering our local campaigns and the efforts of thousands of volunteers in communities across Britain.  Already 20mph limits have been adopted by councils representing 25% of the UK population. We look forward to it being the national norm.”

More information on joining 20’s Plenty for Us is at http://www.20splenty.org/campaigners  or contact [email protected]  07572 120439

A map of local campaigns and 20mph boroughs is at http://www.20splenty.org/local_campaigns

For our national conference in London on 26th Feb see http://www.20splenty.org/ready_for_20_conference There are still conference places to hear experts in the latest best practice in 20mph limits at City of London Guildhall.  For campaigner rates or a press pass contact [email protected]

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