20mph limits are an ideal doorstep campaign

Door stepping is key to canvassing local opinion. Election candidates and resident’s associations are recommended to ask if wide-area, default 20mph limits are popular. 20mph is an affordable pledge that all ages can support. It’s a deliverable promise for a better community.

Politicians need great policies - achievable election promises that people will vote for.   Candidates want to work on issues that will make a difference.  Residential 20mph limits is an ideal election and petitionable policy.  It’s evidence based, tried and tested[1].  Slower speeds is a trusted, respectable and caring platform. 

72% of people in the British Social Attitudes Survey want 20mph limits for residential streets without traffic calming. Only 11% are against[2].  Local politicians and candidates are winning power by championing 20mph limits.  Plus they can deliver this promise across all wards. Limits are affordable at £3 per head and mainly funded by capital, not revenue monies, which are easier to access in times of budget pressures.

Road danger reduction is not the exclusive cause of any particular group.  Parties of all colours and people of all ages and backgrounds support slower speeds to raise urban and village quality of life.  It’s family friendly, egalitarian and universal appeal makes 20mph limits an ideal manifesto promise – whether for a Parish, Borough, Council, County Council, MP or MEP seat. 

25% of London Boroughs have already announced wide 20mph limit plans, together with 50% of Greater Manchester’s and many unitary authorities.  20mph makes a visible difference as signs change. Popularity rises post implementation as streets become safer, healthier, quieter, less polluted and more sociable.  It’s rare for anyone living on a 20mph street without humps to want it back at 30mph!

Rod King MBE, Founder of 20’s Plenty for Us said

“20mph limits are very much a grass-roots issue.   We highly recommend that current and prospective councillors get out and listen to community views on lower speed limits for residential streets. It’s good for democracy, big for society, huge for liveability and creates a mandate for beneficial change.“

Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager of 20’s Plenty for Us said

“We work with all parties on the benefits and technicalities of 20mph limits. Enquiries are particularly welcomed from current or prospective councillors. We will expertly support you to champion community safety and public health where you live.  Our services are free of charge.”

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