World Health Organisation say 20's Plenty

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new Pedestrian Safety report endorses area-wide lower speed limits.  It is top level, conclusive proof that signed 20mph limits are effective.  

The WHO’s Pedestrian Safety: a road safety manual for decision-makers and practitioners[i] has been published. This good practice guide has been in preparation and under review for a couple of years.  WHO’s extensive 114 page report summarises published research on the science of road safety for those on foot. It uses case studies from around the globe.  A distinguished peer review group have carefully studied the evidence including a case study of Lancashire’s 20mph limits.

The report says

“One of the most effective ways to improve pedestrian safety is to reduce the speed of vehicles” (pg 75) and in particular, reducing speed limits. 


Specifically listed as a proven intervention is to

“Implement area-wide lower speed limit programmes, for example, 30 km/h” (20mph) - pg 64


Rod King, Founder and Campaign Director of 20’s Plenty for Us said:-

“World Health Organisation endorsement of wide area 20mph limits is fantastic news.  WHO use stringent review processes. Their reports are the ultimate evidence of any intervention’s effectiveness.  We know for certain that slower speeds save lives and prevent injuries which is why more and more communities are demanding 20mph speed limits where they live, work, shop and play.”

Professor John Whitelegg, one of the expert reviewers said

WHO backing is really helpful to those wanting safer streets with 20mph limits.  Residents can point to this report and demand that their Councillors protect them from harm through slower limits”.

20’s Plenty for Us recommend that anyone concerned with pedestrian safety use this report as further proof that 20mph limits are effective. WHO have formalised the evidence base supporting 20mph as a better urban default road speed than 30mph for the UK.  30mph is no longer fit for purpose. 20’s Plenty where people live.

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