World Health Organization Choose 20’s Plenty for Us to Work on a Slow Down Day Toolkit

The World Health Organization (WHO) have chosen 20’s Plenty for Us to write an action toolkit for the United Nations’ (UN) call for slower road speeds. Slow Down Days will run in mid May globally. This is a world class recognition of 20’s Plenty’s expertise in helping community volunteers with speed management activism.


WHO have chosen 20’s Plenty for Us to work on a campaign whose tagline is Save Lives #Slow Down. It is international recognition of the success 20’s Plenty for Us has enjoyed in supporting volunteers taking practical steps to slow down drivers on their community roads.

Events will run from 8-14th May across the world for the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, with the theme of speed management. 

20’s Plenty for Us have written a #SLOWDOWN DAY Toolkit to encourage local people to get involved with effective, grassroots direct actions on their streets and run Slow Down Days.

A Slow Down Day is a street-based occasion calling for slower speeds.  The format is up to the local organiser/s. They chose the place, time and activities.  Options include decorating a street with slow down messages, a walkabout with decision makers, asking for a speed survey, enforcement or the loan of a speed gun and collecting petition signatures or pledges from drivers to slow down.  Supporting resources include a website, toolkit, activity list, trouble shooting advice, downloadable posters, online pledges and videos etc. see


Rod King MBE, Director of 20’s Plenty for Us, who will be presenting the toolkit on behalf of WHO at the forthcoming United Nations Road Safety Collaboration conference in Bangkok and Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety conference in Kuala Lumpur this Spring, commented

“It’s a great honour to be chosen as a partner by the WHO.  Our Slow Down Day toolkit will be translated into multiple languages and offered as a worldwide guide on successful community activism.  We have welcomed the chance to write campaigning templates for others to follow.  Since 2007 we’ve learned a lot from working with over 350 20’s Plenty groups in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. Now that knowledge will be disseminated globally!”

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