Webinar 25th June 2020 - 20's Plenty for Us

With less traffic on our roads recently, local authorities have been instructed by the Department for Transport to re-allocate road space for walking and cycling – but it’s unclear how long these schemes will last. Worryingly, there is also evidence to suggest that speeding is on the increase on less congested roads. Many local authorities are considering implementing 20mph limits to enable citizens to use streets, roads and public space safely.

There are also calls for a national default 20mph limit from doctors and many local authorities. The Welsh Government has announced a plan to change its national default urban limit to 20mph. The UK government recently signed the Stockholm Declaration resolving to set 30km/h (20mph) limits as a default where cyclists and pedestrians mix with motors.

This free webinar was held on Thursday 25th June, organised by Landor Links, and explored:

  • How national 20mph limits could be implemented
  • Health perspectives: road casualties and understanding the load on the NHS
  • How to actively consider roads for 30mph suitability
  • Setting default 20mph limits across cities and regions
  • Communication, information and enforcement
  • Consultation and feedback: community views of 20mph limits
  • Current and future funding opportunities: signing, lining and traffic calming measures
  • Motorists’ behaviour change opportunities
  • What’s happening across the world
  • The role of Intelligent Speed Assistance (speed limiters), mandatory on all new car models from 2022

Watch the webinar


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