The UN is calling for action on speed on our streets, worldwide, where we walk, play and live.

Low speed, liveable streets are essential and urgent.

  • Urgent because low speeds save lives.

  • Urgent for public health, by making walking and cycling safer and more accessible, enabling and encouraging healthy
    lifestyles. Liveable streets are more crucial than ever as we respond to COVID-19.

  • Urgent for the Global Goals and for our climate, as a key that unlocks a virtuous cycle of zero carbon active travel, shifting
    from car dependence, enabling thriving public transportation, cleaner air and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Urgent for social and racial equity, as it is lower income and minority communities who are most exposed to high-speed
    traffic, and the road danger, environmental hazard and social exclusion it causes.

  • Urgent for the rights of people with disabilities; for the elderly; for all who are vulnerable.

  • Urgent for our children and youth, and vital for their wellbeing. They are most at risk on the streets where they live, play and
    travel to school. Every day 3000 children and young people are killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads. A child hit by
    a car at 20 mph (30 km/h) can survive. Hit at 50 mph (80 km/h), most will die. Speed kills.

The 2020 Stockholm Declaration, adopted by governments worldwide, calls for a focus on liveable streets and, in line with
available evidence, a maximum road travel speed of 20mph where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix. The focus of UN's Global Road Safety Week in 2021 is 20 mph.

Commitment to this approach must be at the forefront of the new Decade of Action for Road Safety to achieve the Global Goals.

Now is the time to urgently deliver on this call to action by reducing, designing and enforcing traffic speeds that are safe for
everyone, everywhere, prioritising low speed streets in all residential areas and near schools.

Streets for health. Streets for climate. Streets for people. We must act together to create #StreetsForLife.

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  • Bob Petch
    commented 2021-04-30 18:11:15 +0100
    Being directed to ‘20s Plenty’ by a county councillor is great for me. I have long believed that a 20 MPH limit is right for our village but haven’t known where to find information, help and guidance to effectively campaign.
  • Adrian Berendt
    published this page in Info 2021-04-19 16:58:02 +0100