20mph: Think BIG for BIG Results & Culture Change


Many communities want a culture change in how public spaces are shared.  It takes a shift in thinking for BIG results - away from car dominance towards streets for people.  Wide area 20mph limits are essential to move us in the right direction in our travel and exercise habits. Public Health and many other things improve at 20mph. 



Vote for 20mph limits as no other public policy ticks so many boxes!  Thinking BIG gets BIG results.  Community streets that endorse 30mph speeds prioritise benefits to sedentary vehicle users.  At lower speeds, streets transform into places where more healthy activities can happen as people feel safer outside.  For about £3 per head there are BIG, long lasting economic, social and sustainability pay offs from wide-area 20mph limits.


Sedentary lifestyles pose serious public health dangers.  People are more active outdoors.  ‘Soft measures’ for smarter travel promotion include personalised travel planning, walk to school/work events, cycle schemes, public transport incentives, car free days, etc.  These can only give incremental changes unless the fundamental balance of power on streets shifts permanently.  Wide area default 20mph speed limits are the foundation for so many other desirable outcomes.  20mph nudges people towards lasting behaviour changes. 


Which future do you want?  20mph moves us in the right direction.  Councillors in more than half of the UK’s largest urban authorities have already chosen a 20mph future. Demand 20mph limits where you live and a national default urban 20mph limit by 2020 

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