The 20mph Vision and Best Practice Implementation

Democratically create and agree a vision of 20mph streets. Then engage and implement it. Continue engaging about it with residents and enforce it for better driver compliance.


The flow of decision making above is the most cost effective and efficient way to implement 20mph limits.  We observe some areas consulting again and again on the vision as isolated areas are implemented. Instead, agree the authority-wide vision and then engage on exceptions before phased implementation and enforcement. Then engineering can be lighter and the whole process will be quicker to implement and cost less overall. Leading in this manner turns the vision of the better place we want into the better place we have.

Our guide to getting 20mph implementation right is at 

We are happy to help you to meet with stakeholders to get your 20mph vision agreed and are experienced at assessing and commissioning a 20mph limit engagement plan.  Call us!

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