20mph Success in Kent - Swale's Joint Transportation Board Unanimously Agree Wide 20mph limits

20mph limits have been unanimously agreed by 11 Councillors on Swale’s Joint Transportation Board in Kent. The vote was won on 19th December.  All Councillors supported 20mph for built up areas of Faversham and to widen its benefits to the Borough of Swale. 20’s Plenty for Faversham and Kent are celebrating this success.

20’s Plenty for Faversham’s working group gained the unanimous, cross-party support of Swale's Joint Transportation Board, including Swale and Kent councillors. They were asked to examine how best to implement 20mph across the town and to make recommendations.   A motion to accept all six recommendations on wide area default 20mph limits was unanimously agreed by Cllrs Whiting (proposer), Bowles, Simmons, Henderson, Baldock, Macdonald, Mulhern, Harrison, Palmer, Hunt and Pugh. There was also a letter of support from Helen Whately MP. Cllr Baldock proposed an amendment to widen the scheme to the entire borough of Swale which was agreed.  Full notes are at http://tinyurl.com/zcagjxs

This decision still has to be considered by Kent’s executive members. The Transportation team have been asked to submit their report to Swale Borough Council and Kent County Council as soon as possible. Supporters of 20mph await news on funding the roll out of 20mph as it is proven to reduce casualties, give a better environment and air quality for locals and tourists, offer savings in social care, better public health and more. 

20mph limits are being embraced across the UK.  Tunbridge Wells have agreed a large 20mph area.  The majority of the largest 40 UK authorities have a 20mph policy.

Amanda Russell, 20’s Plenty for Faversham lead ([email protected]) said:-  “I’m delighted. This vote for 20mph limits is a massive leap forward. It sends a strong message to Kent County Council of Swale’s  wish to build and strengthen our communities. It was really great to see so many Kent councillors genuinely engaged and supportive of 20’s Plenty. We are grateful to every councillor. They understand that 20mph will make Swale’s roads safer and our communities better places to be. Supporters of 20mph limits across Kent eagerly await funding news.”  More at https://20splentyfaversham.wordpress.com/about-fact/

Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager of 20’s Plenty for Us said:- “Hearty congratulations to 20’s Plenty for Faversham for making the case for 20mph so convincingly that every councillor agreed it for all of Swale”

20mph limits make our places better places to be. That’s why over 340 campaign groups of 20’s Plenty for Us, including Kent branches in Herne Bay, Kemsing, Kingsdown and Ringwold, Maidstone, Medway, Otford, Sandgate, Sandwich, Selling, Sittingbourne, Swale, Thanet, Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells and Westgate-on-Sea all lobby their Councillors for 20mph limits. 

To join for free, email [email protected] who will send you a free starting a campaign pack.

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