Call to Action: Join the Worldwide Community Push for Slower Speeds

The World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging people to take local action for the United Nations’ (UN) call for slower road speeds. Slow Down Days will run in mid May. These are street events by community volunteers wanting speed management.  Please run your own local event and work together to gain leverage globally!  


Join the voices of thousands of people across the world who think speeds on local roads are too high.  Road risk is most affected by speed. Just by slowing down a little, we can create safer, healthier places to be. In short - Save Lives #Slow Down.

The WHO is coordinating the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week.  It has partnered with 20’s Plenty for Us to write a toolkit to encourage local people to get involved with effective direct actions on their streets.


We suggest you ask for a very specific outcome. If you want a lower speed limit of 20mph then where should it be?

Is it the speed on particular roads, or across a whole community?

Is it the current speed limit that is too high?

Is the problem a lack of enforcement or engagement by the local government?

A Slow Down Day is a street-based occasion to demonstrate for slower speeds.  The format is up to the local organiser/s to chose the location, timings and activities they think will work best.  Options include decorating a street with slow down messages, a walkabout with decision makers, asking for a speed survey, enforcement  or the loan of a speed gun, collecting petition signatures or pledges from drivers to slow down.  Supporting resources include a website, toolkit, list of activities, trouble shooting advice and list of how to download posters, online pledges and videos etc. see also see our own dedicated Global Road Safety Week information, including the Toolkit at www.20splenty/ungrsw


It is anticipated that smaller communities and villages, in particular, will gain most from many places banding together for the UN Global Road Safety Week on speed management.  This worldwide push for slower speeds provides a media hook. Each individual campaign event can then make more of a splash on the consciousness of drivers and key decision-makers.

We look forward to working with you on your Slow Down Day. Please let us know about your planned events and how they went.  Case studies and pictures will be posted on the 20’s Plenty for Us site.   

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