How to set up a 20mph campaign

20’s Plenty for Us helps volunteers to persuade elected Councillors to agree to 20mph limits. We recruit and assist people to be effective local activists for 20mph limit signs and education. Anyone can use our resources and advice to make lobbying easier. 20’s Plenty for Us is the leading UK campaign for 20mph. We are FREE to join. Contact us today to help you get civilised speeds.


For 20mph (red circle) signs erected locally please ask 20’s Plenty for Us to help. It will maximise your chances of winning democratic change from your Councillors, especially the Member for Transport.  Joining the national campaign brings more weight, reliable information and free resources. Join over 340 grass roots groups.

Email [email protected] or [email protected] to join the campaign for default 20mph limits for most roads with signs, lines and driver education. Some roads can have other limits where warranted. We do not recommend you to campaign for blanket speeds, humps, single roads, part-time or voluntary limits.

Campaign Name - Pick a branch name, usually your location. Get a [email protected] email and optional local website to update online. Our template is easily customised eg with pictures.

Who will lead? And ask for a Starting Pack. The lead can be more than one person. Give 20’s Plenty for Us your address for a free postal pack and we email key campaign document templates like a petition and letterhead.

Key Emails. Compile an email list of targets. Key is the cabinet member for transport for your highway authority. Include all Councillors, Director of Public Health, Police and Crime Commissioner and media. Share the list with 20’s Plenty.  Ring the cabinet member and be friendly. Ask them how to get 20mph limits agreed. Ask for advice from local democratic services council staff too – find their number on your council website.

Ask other local campaigners about the state of play.  Map at

Press Release & Social Media Tell others about your campaign. Issue a press release by email and on social media - maybe make a Facebook page and/or twitter account. We send you a template press release document.

Demonstrate Support - Get petition signatures. Ask people to sign up on their doorstep, outside schools etc. Clip boarding works! Use paper petitions or your council site, 38 Degrees or Collect an email list of supporters. Share on social media.  Ask democratic staff or Councillors how many names matter.  Ask a friendly Councillor to submit the petition to Council.  In big places, responses from residents of sample streets can show how popular 20’s Plenty is. Asking people to display stickers (you can buy them from 20’s Plenty), posters or let you use their logo also works.

Keep in Touch Update us on progress. We critique the replies you get from officials for instance.

Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager of 20’s Plenty for Us said:- “People use different campaign methods. What works is to be polite, friendly, aim to solve the councillor’s problems with 20mph. Keep it non political and be very, very persistent!”

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