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Action a Public Health & Road Safety Plan with 20mph Road casualties, especially of vulnerable people, are rising. 20’s Plenty for Us say we must change our attitudes to sharing the public spaces we call roads. 20mph is a popular tool for more fairness with safety and quality of life benefits.  20’s Plenty ask authorities to state their vision for public health and transport and to action default 20mph limits. Jul 15
York transport head's idea to raise speed limits is challenged by 20's Plenty for Us and others Setting speed limits may not be done at the whim of an individual councillor and must follow due process democratically and in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and national DfT guidance. The idea of raising speeds by 50% from 20mph to 30mph is contrary to elected representative duties under child protection, public sector equality and disability discrimination. In our opinion it would be illegal. Jul 15
Honours for Key 20's Plenty Partners Three key partner organisations of 20's Plenty for Us are celebrating Queen's Honours for their staff. Sustrans, Living Streets and the CTC all support 20mph and campaign for slower speeds as a foundation for active, healthy and sustainable travel. Congratulations to our sustainable transport friends! Jun 15
Are 20mph repeaters a relic of the 1990's? With the majority of the largest 40 urban authorities adopting 20mph as the limit for most roads, isn't it time we just put limit repeater reminders on the 30mph roads? This would hugely reduce costs and enable wider implementation in line with community and government objectives. May 15
Is "30k OK" as the default speed limit for urban and village roads in Ireland? Having been invited to the Road Safety Authority conference on Child Safety (02/04/15) to talk about the success of the 20’s Plenty 20mph campaign and adoption in the UK, Rod King MBE reflects on how a similar 30km/h limit could be set in Ireland. Apr 15
Myra James from Calderdale is awarded 20mph Campaigner of the Year

Calderdale’s Myra James was announced as 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaigner of the year at the 20mph Conference on 12 March.  It recognises her successful volunteering to win 20mph limits across Calderdale’s streets.

Mar 15
20mph National Urban Limit: A Plan for Total 20 by 2020 With most of the UK’s largest councils having rejected the “national 30mph limit” as unfit for purpose, its time for DfT to stop imposing unnecessary 20mph repeater signs as if they were exceptions.  The DfT should announce a transition plan to a national 20mph norm to save millions Mar 15
20mph Conference Makes Headlines 20’s Plenty for Us, Landor Links and Cambridge City Council hosted a conference with 20mph announcements that will shape the future of Britain’s streets. TfL are trialling 20mph on key sections of their Red Routes Mar 15
20's Plenty for Scotland - The case for a national 20mph default for roads in villages, towns and cities across Scotland 20’s Plenty for Us calls for the Scottish Government to reduce the default urban speed limit to 20mph. Feb 15
Westminster Road Casualties Are The Highest in London - Our Video Documents the Evidence

The City of Westminster continues to have the highest road casualties in London. Whilst most Inner London boroughs, including the City of London are embracing borough-wide 20mph limits Westminster Council continues with limits 50% higher. 

Jan 15
Lewisham Vote for Fairer 20mph Limit for All LB Roads Total 20mph limits for all Borough controlled roads (all except TfL Red Routes) have been voted through by Lewisham’s Mayor Sir Steven Bullock and Cabinet.  The £1.13m plan aims to increase health equalities by tackling road danger through a consistent limit. Jan 15
Edinburgh Approves 20mph for 80+% of Roads Extensive 20mph limit plans have been voted through by Edinburgh’s Councillors. Implementation starts in late 2015 for residential roads and shopping areas. It will be completed in phases over the next 3 years. Jan 15
Transport Scotland Issues New 20mph Guidance

Transport Scotland has issued new guidance which replaces that in its outdated 2001 circular. The new guidance embraces 20mph limits “near schools, in residential areas and in other areas of our towns and cities where there is a significant volume of pedestrian or cyclist activity”.

Jan 15
20mph Makes Great UK Progress 20mph limits are becoming increasingly mainstream and attracting establishment endorsements in guidance, manifestos and funding proposals.  Experts are gathering to discuss best practice on 12 March. Jan 15
Transport Consultants SDG Urge London-Wide 20mph Limits

Highly respected Transport Consultancy Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) have recommended area-wide 20mph limits spread across London. SDG confirm that speed limit reductions give safety benefits and stress the need for a signs only approach complemented by driver engagement.

Dec 14
Safety Body Recommends 20mph Limits as an EU Standard for Residential Areas

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has recommended that the EU adopts a series of standard maximum speed limits.  ETSC says 20mph should be EU wide in residential areas and those with high levels of pedestrians and cyclists.

Dec 14
20mph Improves Public Health Says Literature Review

The Journal of Public Health has published a paper summarising research on 20mph zones and limits. Scientific literature confirmed that 20mph is effective at improving public health via reduced accidents and injuries.

Oct 14
20's Plenty for Us and Vision 2020 calls for 20mph limits to help people to see and be seen on roads

The 20’s Plenty for Us campaign, supported by VISION 2020 UK, is calling for a 20mph default speed limit in residential streets without physical calming in order to protect vulnerable road users, including those who are blind and partially-sighted.

Oct 14
Edinburgh's 20mph Limit Trial A Resounding Success

Edinburgh’s 20mph limit trial showed improved popularity, perceptions of safety and cycling and walking levels. Cycling to school trebled.  Parental permission for outside play doubled.  Speeds and car use fell.  Proposals extend the benefits citywide.

Sep 14
Bogus analysis of DfT casualty figures by Institute of Advanced Motorists

IAM analysis of DfT casualty figures for 2013 show that as the total number of 20mph roads increases, so do the total number of casualties, but their conclusion that this is evidence of increased danger shows a woeful lack of understanding of statistics.

July 14
City of London Celebrates 20mph Limit from July 20th

The City of London Corporation will implement a 20mph limit on all its roads from 20th July. The square mile’s new lower limit will improve safety and the quality of life in the Capital’s financial hub. 

July 14
20mph Activist Applauded as Pedestrian campaigner 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaign Manager Anna Semlyen has been Highly Commended for the Living Streets Charles Maher Award.  This recognises over 18 years of lobbying for road safety, speed and traffic reduction which has benefited pedestrians Jun 14
Capitals Are Going 20mph

British capital cities are embracing wide 20mph speed limits. Lewisham will soon join nine other London Boroughs at 20mph. Edinburgh's plans for 20mph cover high streets and residential roads. Cardiff’s 20mph pilot has been installed. The streets of Paris will soon be almost entirely 30kmh (18mph).

Jun 14
Calderdale Embraces 20mph

Calderdale is the first West Yorkshire Council set to approve a wide area Total 20mph limit residential road policy.  Key is a commitment of £500k of public health funds for engagement and persuading drivers of the advantages of slower speeds.

Apr 14
20mph for 50% of London's Roads for Pedestrian Safety Two major pedestrian safety reports have underscored the vital role 20mph limits play to protect pedestrians from road danger.  The Greater London Assembly Transport Committee wants half of London’s roads to go 20mph by 2016 Apr 14
Sarah Charlotte Peace from Oswestry named 20's Plenty for Us campaigner of the year Oswestry’s S-C Peace was awarded 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaigner of the year at the 20mph Conference on Tuesday 18th February.  It recognises her voluntary work for 20’s Plenty for Oswestry done around extensive health treatments and recovery after a road crash Feb 14

It’s Time for 20 – Time for DfT to end the needless imposition of 20mph repeater signs and be more flexible


Whilst the Department for Transport and central government both encourage 20mph limits for residential streets, the DfT’s needlessly stringent repeater signage regulations are a barrier to smoothly transitioning to slower speeds.  The UK’s road speed signage rules are out of date and a new ‘Flexi-20’ system is a proposed solution.


Feb 14
YouGov poll shows that Britons want 20mph limits and demonstrates benefit of increasing police support

Academics at UWE Bristol’s Social Marketing Centre have analysed a YouGov survey and concluded that, whilst most Britons want and intend to abide by 20mph limits for residential and busy streets, they see the need for enforcement.

Jan 14
20mph Limits: Best Public Health & Equalities Policy Option says Social Science Expert Prof. Danny Dorling

The British Academy have a published a policy advice collection in which Prof Danny Dorling clearly lays out the evidence for wide 20mph limits as his top policy to tackle health inequalities. Entitled “If you could do one thing..” it is a guide for Local Authorities by nine leading Social Science academics.

Jan 14
20mph Conference - 'Time for 20'Tues 18th February - Camden Town Hall The 5th National 20mph conference focuses on how to roll out limits. It features speakers on signage rules, case studies of implementations to improve the public realm, healthy lifestyles and reduce casualties. Learn from leading UK experts and the first authorities to implement wide 20mph on how to get it right. Dec 13
Obesity and Active Travel - 20mph limits is the answer

Public Health England (PHE) in cooperation with the Local Government Association (LGA) have recommended that Local Authorities implement wide area 20mph limits to stimulate active travel and tackle obesity. 20mph limits is the top evidenced based policy to raise British people’s regular exercise levels.

Dec 13

20mph: LGiU briefing says area wide 20mph limits are a win, win, win for Local Authorities


The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) commissioned and researched an independent policy briefing recommending that Local Authorities implement wide area 20mph limits.


Dec 13
Plenty for Us founder receives MBE from Her Majesty the Queen Rod King, the founder of 20’s Plenty for Us, received his MBE from the Queen at an investiture at Buckingham Palace on 28th November 2013 Nov 13
Police Toughen 20mph Limit Enforcement Guidance The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have toughened up guidance on enforcing 20mph limits.  Speed offences where people live will not be tolerated.  Better enforcement both increases compliance and the safety of the UK’s streets. Oct 13
‘Time for 20’: 20mph As The UK’s Normal Residential Limit ‘Time for 20mph’ as the UK’s normal residential speed limit.  Under Secretary of State for Transport Norman Baker supports more 20mph, as does Shadow Transport Minister Maria Eagle. Over 12m people live in places like Birmingham where 90% of roads are going 20mph. Sep 13
20mph limits for 90% of Birmingham’s Roads

Birmingham plans for 90% of its roads to have a 20mph limit. 
The UK’s biggest transport authority with over 1 million residents announced wide 20mph just one week after the City of London made its decision. With Cardiff and Edinburgh saying 20’s Plenty too, 20mph is spreading.

Sep 13
City of London Agrees Total 20mph Limits for All Roads The City of London today voted for a 20mph limit for all roads. The square mile’s landmark vote will raise safety and the quality of life for thousands working in, or visiting, London’s financial hub. Sep 13
Mayor’s London Roads Task Force Supports 20mph Limits The Mayor’s London Roads Task Force (RTF) have recognised that “speed limits play an important role where ‘movement’ and ‘place’ need to be better balanced, where there are high levels of pedestrian activity and where safety issues have been identified”. Jul 13
20’s Plenty for Us founder is awarded MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2013 Rod King , who has been campaigning for the safety of vulnerable road users since 2000 has been awarded an MBE in recognition of his services to Road Safety Jun 13
200 UK Places Say “20’s Plenty for Us” with a 20mph limit campaign group The 200th UK local 20’s Plenty for Us campaign group has begun. Support for community-wide 20 mph speeds limits (without humps) is popular, growing and winning. 12 million people live where there is a wide-area 20mph limit policy. Jun 13
4th Annual 20mph Places Conference At the 4th annual 20mph Places conference delegates heard the case for only requiring repeater signs on 30mph limits and above.  Many cities have decided 20mph is the norm for lit streets.  Less signs makes sense, saves money and clutter.  May 13
Anna Semlyen from York Awarded 20mph Limits Campaigner of the Year York’s Anna Semlyen was awarded 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaigner of the year at the 20mph Conference on Thursday.  It recognises her voluntary work for 20’s Plenty for York.   York has committed to a wide-area road safety programme. May 13
World Health Organisation Say Wide 20mph Limits Are Proven To Help Pedestrian Safety The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new Pedestrian Safety report endorses area-wide lower speed limits.  It is top level, conclusive proof that signed 20mph limits are effective. May 13
20’s Plenty for Us Welcomes Overhaul of UK Speed Signage Rule The Department for Transport are changing traffic sign regulations. Fewer repeater speed limit signs would make wide 20mph limit implementation cheaper. Even more places are expected to agree to 20mph limits for their communities. Apr 13
20’s Plenty for Us welcomes new DfT guidance on Setting Local Speed Limits The DfT have once again added further support to 20mph limits in towns and villages in its latest 2013 guidance to local authorities on setting local speed limits. Jan 13
20’s Plenty for Us Strengthen London Campaign Six London Boroughs have committed to “Total 20” policies for all residential streets.  Due to rising demand from communities, councillors and officials, 20’s Plenty for Us has appointed a London Co-ordinator. There are nearly 200 local campaigns UK-wide for 20mph limits without humps. Dec 12
EU citizens begin an initiative to petition for a 20mph urban speed limit  20mph speed limits have been accepted as a European Citizens Initiative.  Gathering 1 million petition signatures will require serious consideration of this by the EU Commission.  55,000 names are needed from the UK Nov 12
Lib Dem Conference Supports 20mph Limits The Liberal Democrat Party Conference has overwhelmingly supported residential 20mph limits. 20’s plenty where people live is now policy for a Coalition party in UK Government Sep 12
EU citizens call for 20mph to become the accepted normal urban speed limit 20mph speed limits are to be the subject of one of the first of the new European Citizens Initiatives which brings community issues right to the centre of European government Sep 12
30mph national speed limit no longer "fit for purpose" Something is wrong.  Many of Britain’s most iconic cities have rejected the national speed limit. Oxford, Cambridge, York, Liverpool and Bath all say 30mph is not fit for purpose for up to 95% of roads. Wide-area 20mph limits bring a fairer sharing of space. Aug 12
20's Plenty to build for 2020 - A real legacy to prepare for the 2020 Olympics After a successful Olympics that made us all proud of our capital city and Team GB, we need a legacy that will transform the opportunities for active travel for the children of today to become the medallists of 2020. Lowering our vehicle speeds where people live, work, learn and shop could transform the active travel opportunities for our nation. Aug 12
DfT casualty figures for 2011 show that as the total number of 20mph roads increases, so do the total number of casualties, but this is not evidence of increased danger. Local authorities around the country have been adopting 20mph as the default limit for urban roads and in some areas 70% of all roads now have a 20mph limit. Hence without reference to the total number of miles of 20mph roads in 2010 and 2011 no conclusion can be drawn from these particular statistics. Aug 12
NHS Part Funds 20mph Limits for Liverpool in Landmark Public Health Collaboration This ground-breaking deal confirms joint Local Authority and public health responsibility for roads. 20mph speed limits cost effectively prevent injury and promote healthy lifestyles. Nov 11
20mph residential limits success forces Motorway debate The Transport Minister is rumoured to be trading off residential 20mph limits with 80mph for motorways. The success of UK 20mph campaigns has led to debate Sep 11
Europe says 20's Plenty Where people Live This week the European Parliament adopted a key slower road speeds resolution. It “strongly recommends the responsible authorities introduce speed limits of 30 km/h in all residential areas and on single-lane roads in urban areas which have no separate cycle lanes.” Sep 11
EU Transport Committee calls for 20mph speed limits for residential streets 20’s Plenty for Us welcomes the call by the EU Committee on Transport and Tourism for 30km/h (20mph) speed limits in all residential areas.  Jun 11
Department for Transport enables easier and cheaper town-wide 20mph limits 20’s Plenty for Us welcomes the announcement by DfT that it has responded to increasing calls from communities for 20mph speed limits by relaxing the requirements for  20mph speed limit signage  Jun 11

71% of adults want residential speed limits of 20 mph in the 2010 British Social Attitudes Survey.

Slower residential speed limits are a popular way to improve safety and quality of life. Mar 11
20mph Limits are Key to Healthy Transport New research entitled “Health on the Move 2” evidences why 20 mph limits in residential areas are key to improving the health impacts of local transport Mar 11
The Speed Illusion - Children don't reliably see cars going over 20mph! Research has proven that children cannot accurately judge the speed of vehicles above 20 mph.  Scientists aimed to discover why children are overrepresented as road casualties.  Research found that vehicles travelling faster loom less than slower vehicles. This creates a dangerous illusion in which faster vehicles may be perceived as not approaching.  20 mph speed limits can help protect children from making risky road crossing choices. Mar 11
20mph Limits Recommended by NICE NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s report “Preventing unintentional injuries among under-15s” recommends 20 mph limits where children and young people are likely to be.  Feb 11
20's Plenty says Prof Danny Dorling at PACTS lecture 20 mph speeds reduce preventable deaths and health inequality said Professor Danny Dorling of the University of Sheffield at the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety’s (PACTS) Westminster Lecture.  Nov 10
Primary age children cannot accurately see vehicles going above 20mph Research on vision has found that primary age children cannot accurately see, or judge the speed of, vehicles travelling above 20 mph.  This is strong evidence that 20 mph limits where people live are needed to protect children from road danger caused by age-related inability to correctly register faster traffic. Nov 10
Perceptions and Realities of Child Safety Risk The PACTS Perceptions and Realities report (Sept 2010) is a closer look at the risks which children and young people face in Britain today and what can be done to reduce them. Oct 10
20's Plenty for Warrington and New York The campaign for more appropriate speed limits on residential roads took an international turn this week with the publication of a video made by Streetfilms of New York on Warrington’s 20’s Plenty for Us voluntary organisation. Oct 10
New Campaign Manager Anna Semlyen joins 20’s Plenty for Us as new Campaign Manager supporting 20mph speed limits Aug 10
20’s Plenty For us welcomes government moves towards making 20mph the default speed limit for urban and residential roads.   June 10
20’s Plenty For Us welcomes expected 20’s Plenty For UK ….but notes “knee-jerk” reaction from some of the  motoring lobby. Apr 09
York to implement 20 mph without calming in Fishergate as a pilot for city-wide scheme. Fishergate residents were recently consulted on 20mph speed limits on 7 streets. A clear majority of 70.5% voted for 20mph speed limit for Grange St, Grange Garth, Rosedale St, Levisham St, Hartoft St, Farndale St and Lastingham Terrace. There was a 49% response rate. 25.9% voted No and 3.6% said they didn't know. Apr 09
20’s Plenty For Us welcomes Transport Committee support for increased use of 20 mph limits The latest Road Safety Report from the House of Commons Transport Committee calls for “Ending the Scandal of Complacency” associated with road casualties. Oct 08
20’s Plenty For Us now reaches ¾ million residents. 20’s Plenty For Us has ¾ million residents in Portsmouth, Oxford, Norwich and now Leicester who have opted for 20 mph as the default limit for residential streets. Oct 08
20’s Plenty For Us is co-hosting the Streets Ahead Conference on 15th November in Warrington The campaign for 20 mph for residential streets is gaining momentum across the country. 20’s Plenty For Us will be bringing pedestrian and cycling campaigners together for a national conference to look at shared campaign objectives. Sep 08
20’s Plenty For Us launches “20’s Plenty by 2010” campaign with day of action on 20th October. 20’s Plenty For Us launches a major campaign for all towns and cities to set 20 mph as the default speed limit for residential roads by 2010. Jun 08
20's Plenty For Us submits evidence to Transport Committee 20’s Plenty For Us calls for a major re-think of road safety strategy to take into account the needs of vulnerable road users in its evidence to the Transport Committee. May 08
Government support for 20 mph welcomed but flawed 20’s Plenty For Us welcomes the recent commitment from the Road Safety Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick to reducing road deaths and increasing safety through the increased use of 20 mph speed limits[1]. However the charity considers that the pronouncements demonstrate muddled thinking about the way 20 mph speed limits and zones work and are unlikely to create a universal and practical answer to Britain’s road deaths which are skewed towards the vulnerable road users. May 08
AA spreads misleading information on 20 mph and CO2 emissions The recently publicised report from the AA claiming that 20 mph speed limits increases pollution is laughable for both it shallow basis for testing and its failing to understand the wider environmental reasons for, and benefits of lower speeds.  Jun 08
20's Plenty For Us welcomes London's proposed 20 mph default Yesterday’s announcement from Transport for London that London borough councils will be able to implement 20mph as a blanket speed limit across complete boroughs was welcomed by 20’s Plenty For Us.  Jan 08

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