New Councillors, Changed Party Control & Opportunities for 20mph

Newly elected Councillors, especially where there are changes in which political party has control are key lobbying targets. It’s wonderful if their manifesto had slower speeds.  Even if it didn’t, congratulate them and ask for 20mph to make a positive difference. First requests for help could receive most attention. Get in!

After election counts, new Councillors celebrate then find their feet to learn the civic role. Most actively want to make a difference. Recently elected people are energetic and will engage with campaigners.

When campaigners speak to new councillors, they aim to gain new champions for 20mph limits.  These Councillors want to be different from those who used to hold power. Especially where the party political power overall changes or goes no overall control. Campaigners are recommended to check their council website for election news. New councillor names are available straight away. Contact details can be found on their party websites. Their new official council emails get published a week or so later.  20’s Plenty recommend activists to:

  • Write as soon as possible to congratulate all new councillors on their election win. You could tweet them or use party emails. Check on any relevant pledges they made in their manifesto. For example

Your Name, Address, Email, phone number, 20’s Plenty Logo, date

Dear Councillor xxx

Congratulations on your election win. I am resident in xxx ward and volunteer with 20’s Plenty for xxxx and campaign to make our Council agree wide area limits of 20mph for most roads.

Your manifesto promises xyz. Default 20mph limits will help achieve these aims because ….refer to how from our briefing sheets at

Please reply with your promise of support for 20mph or ask me any questions. 20 FAQs are at

Thank you, Your name

  • Ring, email or tweet to ask to meet the new Councillors, starting with those in the biggest party.
  • Write to congratulate the new (or returned) Council leader, their deputy and transport cabinet member. They are always key targets for campaigners as they have budget powers. Ask to meet with them about 20mph limits. Such roles might not be announced immediately as a private group meeting post election with all Councillors in each party must vote on who wins leader, deputy and other key party positions.  The ambitious vie for posts with responsibility allowances (extra pay), eg in the cabinet/executive with decision making powers.  Cabinet posts are conferred by their internally elected party leader.
  • Offer a short (10min) 20mph presentation to the private group meeting of the ruling party or any party groups forming a coalition to rule a council with no overall control. See

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