In British Social Attitudes Surveys three quarters of people say 20mph is the right limit for most local roads. It is best practice for home streets, town centres, shopping areas and where people work or learn.  20’s Plenty for Us supports volunteers to campaign effectively. 

If you are in the media and want any information on the subject of setting speed limits and setting 20mph speed limits in particular we would be pleased to help.

20’s Plenty for Us helps those wanting 20mph limits as a default across their communy with exceptions where appropriate. In most built up areas, 80-90% of roads can go 20mph limited. When done consistently, speed bumps and other physical measures are rarely required.  We campaign for 20mph signs and driver education on the benefits of 20mph limits so that they willingly comply.
As of September 2016 15.5m people (about 25% of the UK population) live where a wide-area 20mph have been implemented or agreed including much of London, York, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and many more.  You are seven times less likely to die If hit at 20mph instead of 30mph.  Wide 20mph limits reduce casualties by 20%. It further raises health as more people walk and cycle and air quality is improved from less acceleration.  
Local Councillors decide local speed limits and are the key focus of campaigning messages.  We also lobby at Government level for a 20mph national speed limit.
20’s Plenty for Us is a voluntary organisation with no government funding.  This keeps our independence.  Our income is primaily from grants from charitable trusts and private donations. We began in 2007 and have grown to over 330 branches of grassroots volunteers.  Free to join, we offer extensive campaigning services.
Our media services include:
• Interviews, quotes, comments and presentations at events on 20mph limits. 
• Our single focus on 20mph makes us the UK’s leading 20mph experts - Rod King MBE Director and Founder (Honoured for services to Road Safety in 2013), Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager since 2011 (award winning road safety campaigner and author) and Jeremy Leach, London Coordinator since 2012.
You can use this website which has extensive resources
• See a list of local campaign branches and leaders   We can put you in touch with local campaigners for a local quote or interview.
• A stock of photographs at TBA and videos 
• Twitter @20splentyforus and #20splenty 

For contact details then please look here. We would be pleased to assist.


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