Mayors are funding 20mph. Is yours?

Mayors have wide responsibilities for their residents in making public spaces safer, friendlier, quieter, cleaner and more liveable. 20mph limits are key in delivering those important benefits.

Many mayors are showing strategic leadership by supporting, funding and facilitating the adoption of 20mph across wide areas.  ***IS YOURS?***

UK transport authorities covering nearly 30 million people have a policy of making 20mph normal, with exceptions where those outside vehicles are protected. This makes streets better places to live, work, shop and learn.

England's 25 elected Mayors - two more are planned in 2025 - control large transport capital funds. Mayoral transport aims can include creating an efficient, safe and reliable road network for all. In May’s 2024 elections, those pledging to Vision Zero (zero road deaths or serious injuries) and 20mph did well while candidates opposing 20mph in London and North Yorkshire were not elected.

Examples of Mayors actively pursuing 20mph include:

  • London


Sadiq Khan’s 2024/5 budget is funding 20mph speed limits in Barnet, Brent, Harrow, Redbridge, Waltham Forest Enfield and Richmond . In 2023/4 red route 20mph spending on 65km of TfL roads was £1.834 Million and it budgeted £2.45 Million for London boroughs . 20mph supports the Healthy Streets approach by making it easier to walk, cycle or wheel or to cross the street and where people feel relaxed in a cleaner, less noisy and safer environment.

  • Doncaster

Ros Jones contributed £1 Million in successive budgets to 20mph schemes covering residential areas. Whilst initially traffic calmed zones, they became signed limits to extend cost effectiveness and reach. Aim is 80% of residential streets.

  • Leicester

Peter Soulsby brought in 20mph limits widely.

  • Cambridgeshire & Peterborough

Dr Nik Johnson is funding 20mph via the Transforming Cities Fund of £348,000 in 2024/5. It was oversubscribed with 88 applications made.

Where Mayors fund 20mph and are also Police and Crime Commissioners, their backing with enforcement can powerfully support changed driver habits. 20mph supporters can let their elected Mayor know that 20mph is popular with the community.


If you'd like help and advice in getting your Mayor to support 20mph, please contact [email protected]

See briefing sheet here 

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