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Three quarters say 20mph is the right speed limit for most streets. It is best practice where there are pedestrians and cyclists such as home streets, town centres, shopping areas and where people work or go to school.  You can request 20mph signs.

20’s Plenty for Us supports communities wanting 20mph speed limits on a wide-area basis i.e. 20mph limits as a default across complete communites with exceptions where appropriate. When done on a consistent basis then speed bumps and other physical measures are rarely required. Already 15.5m people live in local authorities who have already implemented this policy or are committed to it including most of inner London, York, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester etc. It reduces casualties 20% and is better for health and air quality. There are many ways to help:

  • Speak to people about lower speeds. How do friends feel when they are walking or cycling? Do they also feel that when driving, they are so insulated from their surroundings that they fail to realise the threat that speed poses to people? Do they share the same concerns?
  • Visit  to see if any of the 320 local 20’s Plenty campaigns are nearby.  See or write to you local branch with concerns about speeds at [email protected]  
  • If there is no campaign where you live please ask about starting one.  We’re free to join and offer assistance to make campaigning easy. 
  • 20mph is the right maximum speed for residential roads and places where people are. Why not take action yourself by driving slower?  This makes your community a better place to be.
  • Local Councillors decide local speeds. Please write or talk to your councillors about 20mph speeds. Ask  friends too. You can also purchase stickers for 20mph speeds for your car, bike or even wheelie bin or print off posters for your windows / notice boards.
  • Be empowered with Briefing Sheets at and
  • If you belong to a political party, suggest a 20mph limits policy for the manifesto.
  • Write to your local newspaper letters page about how 20mph limits would make your community safer, cleaner, healthier, quieter and more neighbourly.
  • Join our newsgroup and network with over 350 others interested in lower vehicle speeds on their community streets. [email protected]
  • Follow us on Twitter with @20splentyforus and #20splenty
  • Donate. 20’s Plenty for Us is a voluntary organisation with no government funding.  This keeps our independence. Donate by debit/credit card or PayPal from our site at or contact us to make a one-off or regular donation.

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