County-Wide Campaigning

County-wide campaigns are when 20’s Plenty branches across a highway authority area jointly call for 20mph limits.  Rather than compete for funds, campaigns work together for the policy commitment to giving all built up areas wide 20mph limits.  Unity is powerful and it’s the most cost-effective policy.

Some Counties have a Total 20mph limit policy eg. Lancashire, Bath & NE Somerset, Cheshire West and Chester, Clackmannanshire and Fife.  County campaigns are increasingly forming as 20’s Plenty for Us wants to encourage coordinated county activism to be strong together.  Benefits   This briefing aims offer a plan for organising teamwork. The five main tactics for persuading your council to update 20mph policy are in We recommend campaigners decide who will take the lead on each of the possible campaign plan list of tasks below. Delegate to work effectively!




Decide on county level campaigning and ask Anna for a list of all contacts for 20mph campaigns in the County


Find online or write a statement on the current County policy on 20mph


Send it to branch leaders and ask for an update on where they’ve got to, what they plan to do


Arrange a campaigner meeting or skype together to agree joint tactics


Sign and publicly (with media press release/photo) submit a joint letter to the Council calling for 20mph as a County wide policy


Contact the Transport Cabinet member on 20mph and ask for a meeting


Contact the Council Leader for their support and to meet about on 20mph


Contact the Director of Public Health and their team members for prevention and activity


Contact all other Councillors asking if they support 20mph or have questions and keep track of the answers (when over half say yes, a motion could go to council)


Ask democratic services who is the Councillor with the role of secretary of the leading group meeting. Offer a 20mph presentation to Councillors of the leading group in their private meeting. See


Contact Council scrutiny officer for a 20mph scrutiny.


Write a newsletter/put out media and social updates on the progress of the countywide campaign. Tweet or run a facebook


Contact the Police and Crime Commissioner for support


Contact the press and media for features and to give updates on the campaign


Recruit new campaign branches within the County (more groups = more clout)


Be available to support new campaigners in the County


Consider how to influence local party manifestos before any upcoming elections



Anna Semlyen, National Campaign Manager said

“Working together will get you further than working village by village or town by town. You’ll learn from each other and bring a united call for civilised speeds for everyone to the people with power. Good luck!”


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