Vincent Walsh - Campaigner of the Year 2016

Vincent Walsh has been recognised for his voluntary services to 20mph campaigning at the National 20mph conference in London. The Manchester based campaigner successfully persuaded his local authority to roll out 20mph limits. 



Vincent Walsh received his campaigning award at the 7th National 20mph conference in City of London Guildhall on 26th February.   A long term cycle and speed limit campaigner, Vincent, who works as a nurse, was primarily motivated by love for his two daughters - he wants to feel that it’s safe for them to cycle.  Manchester began rolling out 20mph limits in 2014.  It has a programme that is imaginatively marketed with a smiley face logo and up to £200 to community groups who put on 20mph events – see


Vincent has been involved in campaigning in Manchester for 20mph limits over many years and is the leader of the local 20’s Plenty for Manchester campaign. As a health professional he is very aware of the benefits of greater active travel and the advantages for all Mancunians when motorised traffic shares the roads more equitably with pedestrians and cyclists.



 Anna Semlyen National Campaign Manager said:-

“Vincent has been exceptional in his dedication to, and skilful campaigning for, 20mph limits.  His campaigning style is respectful and was effective after years of perseverance with Manchester’s Councillors”.

Rod King MBE, 20’s Plenty for Us Founder, said:-

“I first met Vincent in 2005 when, after giving a presentation on why 20mph limits were needed, a slip of paper was handed to me from the back of the room showing Vincent’s agreement and aspiration for his daughters to have their own independent mobility. Since then he has been one of the campaign’s strongest advocates. His consistent work in writing to the media, meeting councillors and enthusing advocates has paid off in Manchester. He is an example to us all of how objective campaigning can empower local authorities to find the way to do what is right.”


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