Casualty cost and 20mph benefit calculator

Use our new cost calculator to see how many casualties your Local Authority could save from implementing 20mph together with the financial benefits.  Download the spreadsheet and enter your Local Authority's name to see how much your place could benefit from implementing 20mph.

Click on the links below to download spreadsheet and enter your Local Authority's name from the dropdown list. This will show the potential cost to implement 20mph, the likely casualty reductions and the financial benefit.  The number of casualties and collisions has been downloaded from the DfT's website using the DfT's data download tool.  Cost of casualties and collisions and population estimates are also obtained from UK government sources.  More details are in the "About" tab on the Excel file.

Estimates of the cost to implement 20mph and the likely casualty reduction %age are from 20's Plenty for Us, based on experience from Local Authorities that have implemented wide area 20mph schemes.  Costs and casualty savings can vary between Local Authority. The tool allows you to change three key variables:

a) the cost per head to implement Evidence from elsewhere is it should cost no more that £3 - £5 per head. Processes in some Local Authorities may increase this cost.
b) the %age of the population covered It is unlikely that everyone in the Local Authority will live on a street suitable for 20mph and 80% is selected as the likely maximum. Some Local Authorities may have already implemented (or be reluctant to implement) 20mph widely and fewer people will be covered.
c) the casualty reductions achieved While some Local Authorities have seen a bigger reduction, others that won't implement 20mph on faster streets, where most casualties occur, will see a lower benefit.

Here is the calculator tool for Excel users. For other spreadsheet types, click here 

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