Developing Cornwall’s 20mph Programme: a rural Case Study

Cornwall’s Conservative group won majority control of the County Council in May 2021 with a manifesto that promised 20mph with resident support. 


20’s Plenty for Us was invited by the group leader to present on 20mph to the Conservative group meeting before the manifesto was published.

20’s Plenty for Cornwall campaigners, led by Dean Evans, helped to spread the news that communities had to ask. Soon over 135 parishes and towns were calling for 20mph formally, for instance through parish councils adopting supportive motions. Politicians recognised 20mph as a universal aspiration and worked with officers and 20’s Plenty for Us on best practice implementation plans.



Phase 1 Communities were chosen and surveys showed 76% in support in Falmouth-Penryn and 86% in the more rural Camelford area locations.

When Transport Cabinet Member, Cllr Philip Desmond presented at the 20mph Conference in October 2022 he strongly recommending 20mph he also did a 5-minute video.

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner
Alison Hernandez has a stated policy of enforcing 20mph by targeting places with consistently high levels of non-compliance and risk to health.

A comprehensive engagement plan is communicating the scheme’s rationale, objectives and outcomes to drivers. Whether living in a 20mph area, or travelling through, drivers are being asked to respect limits. Local acceptance and behaviour change is key.

In March 2023, the Cornish cabinet announced £3.8M for all eligible areas to go 20mph limited through a phased programme to 2026.

The current Transport Cabinet Member, Cllr Connor Donnithorne, said:

“Limiting speeds to 20mph where people walk, live and play means that our communities benefit from streets that are safer, healthy, green and liveable”.

Cornwall Council’s county-wide community 20mph Press Release 

Cornwall Council’s 20mph page and FAQ’s

20’s Plenty for Cornwall Facebook

The Cornish 20mph case study is one that other rural and shire counties can copy. Cornwall is giving residents what they want, improving quality of life, the economy and the environment.

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